End of 2011 - RDP - 40 min (30 songs) - 3 deck


Aug 19, 2010
Thanks for tuning in :)

My last mix from 2011 - First mix of 2012 ...

It's a combination of liquid and darker techy tunes from 2011. Really heard some good songs the last couple of months!
My basket on beatport was full of songs (100) which was too much, so I had to clean it up. This came out of these tunes,
I hope you like it and don't hesitate to comment.


1. Chimpo, Fox, Dub Phizix - Narrow Eyes - Original Mix
2. Actraiser - God Of War (Original Mix)
3. Dabs - Crawler - Quadrant Remix
4. Kasra, S.P.Y. - Control - Original Mix
5. D Bridge - Since We've Been Apart (Original Mix)
6. Bredren - Pulsar (Original Mix)
7. Skeptical - Refraction - Original Mix
8. Calibre - Notting Hill - Original Mix
9. Tru:tek (feat. Fermi) - Lionheart - Kasra Remix
10. Anthony Moriah, Rockwell, Alix Perez, SpectraSoul - Montpellier (Original Mix)
11. Amoss - Locked In - Original Mix
12. Calibre - Smooth Baby (Original Mix)
13. Alix Perez - Exemption (Original Mix)
14. S.P.Y. - Hotspot (Original Mix)
15. Lenzman - Lasers - Original Mix
16. Break - Trying (Original Mix)
17. Amoss - Splitface (Original Mix)
18. Commix, Icicle - Ultra Clean (Original Mix)
19. Calibre, S.T. Files - Falling Down - Original Mix
20. D Bridge - True Romance - Original Mix
21. Skeptical - Catch 22 - Original Mix
22. Icicle - Minimal Funk - Original Mix
23. Hoogs - Bouncy Ball - Original Mix
24. M-zine & Scepticz - Something (OD Sample Comp Entry)
25. Enei, MC DRS - Obsession feat. MC DRS (Original Mix)
26. Icicle - Time To Remember - Original Mix
27. Enei - Cracker - Jubei Remix
28. Hydro, Spinline - Perimeter (Original Mix)
29. Ink, Loxy - Amazon - Original Mix
30. Strategy, Dub Phizix - The Editor - Original Mix
first mix wasn't bad.. not heard the 2nd tune before. only thing i would say is u want ur first mix to be banging.

mix with control was banging. well played
not sure on the track name thats mixesd with since we've been apart with the whhhoooooppp bass but it sounded fresh. the dbridge track was a lil too in the background for me tho.

refraction & notting hill was good too. a nice belnd of rar and aww.

wasn't overly keen on smooth baby and exemption. was eq'd well just didn't like them together. eq needed some work there too. the levels were high and it was a bit ouchy.

hotspot and exemption didnt go very well either imo. 3

not sure on trying and spitface. really good effort having ultra clean in the mix at that point.

falling down sat really nice under true romance.. was big. would have ended the mix earlier when true romance got gritty.

t romance, falling down & catch 22 together,, good effort but wasn't feeling it.. falling down and catch 22 were safe but not with true romance in there aswell, was just a bit messy and over the top.

minimal funk was superb.
like obesession mix too.

amazon & editor.. wicked blend.. nice way to finish,

overall mix was wicked man. ur beatmatchin and eq's are really good. some of the mixes i wasn't overly keen on but i dont think there was any bad ones. selection was cool too and nice balance of styles.

Wow, thanks for this feedback... I agree with what you say! When I listened to it after I recorded it
i had the same issues with some couple of mixes...

Really appreciate your feedback ... I've listened to you techy mix also, but
i have some examinations right now.. Sow Feedback later ;).

Cheers man!
yeah this one was real good! some tunes i hadnt heard before which is always good. what were you mixing on? big mix...
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