Drum & Bass Emzac - Mix For DJ Contest


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My first uploaded mix. I use Serato Scratch Live and 2x SL-1210 M5G, but I was learning how to beat match on vinyl. Can someone tell me what should I improve? Thanks for any feedback.


01. Pixel - Doubt [2013, Fokuz Recordings]
02. Break - Who We Are [2012, Symmetry Recordings]
03. dBridge - True Romance [2007, Metalheadz]
04. SpectraSoul - Away With Me ft. Tamara Blessa (Calibre Remix) [2012, Shogun Audio]
05. Ivy Lab - Afterthought ft. Frank Carter III [2013, Critical Music]
06. Total Science & Riya - Cold Blood [2012, CIA Recordings]
07. S.P.Y - Go With The Flow [2010, RAM Records]
08. Enei - Runnin ft. Georgia Yates [2012, Critical Music]
09. Alix Perez - Melanie [2009, Shogun Audio]
10. Commix - I Have You [2010, RAM Records]
11. Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound [2012, RAM Records]
12. Rido - Twisted ft. Thomas Oliver [2011, Metalheadz]
13. Calyx & Teebee - Stepping Stones [2012, RAM Records]
14. Total Science - Skinz [2010, Critical Music]
15. Electrosoul System - Aluvion ft. Sunchase [2010, Drone Audio]
16. D.Kay & Rawfull - In Your Name [2010, Brigand]
17. Ill.Skillz - Backtrack [2010, IllSkillz]


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The opening was lovely, tracks seemed to roll over each other really nice, although i always find it weird where on track starts the other goes into the breakdown, but the first mix seem to achieve that pretty well, thought True Romance should have came in abit easier, would have made that blend alot tastier.. Afterthought is abanger, cant do no wrong with that, keeping everything tight into the next few mixes, just thought Go With the Flow was wrongly placed, with the vocals running over each other, didnt really work for me, was abit heavy compared to the stuff you had been playing.. although Running did compliment it then the blend with Alox perez was pure sex !! I love Melaine !!
Never heard I Have You, Commix can do no wrong though ! again Elevate this Sound comes in alittle sharply and drops as the other track goes into the break-down, which is a different way of mixing, but you make it work man
Was great to hear Skinz, one of my favourites that, blend was nice, wasnt sure about the last tune personally, but nice mix over all !