Emperor & Centra Samplepack Vol.1!


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Here it is! The Emperor & Centra Samplepack Vol.1.

The pack amounts to 535 MB of 16bit WAV samples, that's 445 files in 14 folders, ranging from Bass shots, Drum Hits, to Atmospheres and FX! We feel extremely happy and proud of what we've made, and are sure we are providing some top notch samples, at a great price.

We've decided to sell the pack for £10.00GBP, which is less than half the price of normal sample packs, and although this is cheap, the samples are nothing of the sort!

The pack is available from our Big Cartel store, which you can find here:


As this is an independent project, the samples will be sent manually via email transfer. We will be transferring the pack at 3pm GMT and 9PM GMT. If any problems arise, don't hesitate to contact us!


So yeah that's pretty much it, I hope you enjoy the pack, and tell your friends and stuff it will be great.


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had a play around with it. its a good pack and for a tenner you really cant complain. theres a lot of basses. some very emperor style ones. lots of drum loops and top loops. different tempos too. fx are really good, lots of noce subtle ones. the atmos section is also prrtty solid. the snare section is the standput for me tho. some really noce snappy snares! all in all a good pacl and im looling forward to the next. big ups to emperor and centra!