Eminem & Nosisia - Till i collapse/Program (Drumta Mash Up)

wow.....thats bad.......thats real bad! Why would you do such a thing? I mean really? I want to know what was going through your head, like, at which point did you convince yourself that this would actually be a good idea?
without being rude drumsta
it just doesn't work
the vocals don't fit with the track, i'm listening to it trying to work out if they are even in sync properly.
vocals take up a lot of mid range and program has a lot of lovely lovely mid range activity that doesn't need clouding up.

listen to this one. its not the best example of a hip hop a cappella mixed over drum and bass but you can hear how the vocals work better WITH the track (at most points, not all)
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two that go well together: Passing me by - The Pharcyde and drumsound and bassline smith - r u ready. Discovered it when i first started mixing, fucking around with acapellas on virtual dj
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