Label Emery & Semi Sense - Starchaser (ft MC Fats and Umiko)/(Paradox rmx) [AMBRA12001]

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    Produced by Emery and Semi Sense, with heavyweight collaborations from MC Fats, Paradox, and shining local star Umiko, this is a landmark release for the label. Out on vinyl 22nd of October 2012, catalog#: AMBRA12001

    A - Original mix

    Flowing through organic drumloops and piano riffs, floating brass and angelic vocals from the legendary MC Fats and rising Lithuanian star Umiko, this is a deep roller you'll play again and again. Infectious hooks and perfectly clean production make this an example of the highest quality drum and bass available.

    AA - Paradox Remix

    Ambra's most respected mentor and inspiration, Paradox, has added his unique and meticulous drumbreak sound to this, the latest release, "Starchaser". Tumbling from oldskool into the future, flipping between 1994 and 2014, the Paradox remix perfectly compliments the original and proves that Ambra is a force to be reckoned with.

    Here is a video we did for our 12" single Starchaser. Enjoy!

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