Elwood - Trenchcast 02: Tonga

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    ---Synth Sense: Deleted Scene I---
    1. Indigo - Azha
    2. Despot & Abstract Elements - The Never Engine
    3. Nether - Moon Dub
    4. Silent Dust - Vostok 1
    5. J. Robinson feat. Carbon - Weeping Dub
    6. Sam KDC - Synesthesia
    ---ASC: Rivet City---
    7. Es.Tereo & Turrican - Winds of Detroit
    8. Instra:mental - Sakura
    9. Eveson feat. Sam KDC - Retrospections
    10. Blocks & Escher - Shiver
    11. Clarity - Forensics
    12. Data - Termite
    13. Clarity & Overlook - Chinatown
    14. DBR UK & Displaced Paranormals feat. Essy Aimz - Haze Days
    15. Hidden Turn - Big Dirty
    16. Random Movement - Boundary Lines
    17. Bungle - Astral Travel
    18. June Miller - Half Top Feelings (Amoss Remix)
    19. Nymfo - Paperboy
    20. Overlook - Actress
    21. War - Rafale
    22. Dub Phizix & Skittles - I'm a Creator
    23. Xtrah - Soundclash
    24. Fathom Audio - Promises
    25. Ash - Fatherhood
    26. Sam KDC - Room with a View
    27. Elwood - Yungas
    28. ASC - Aqualoop
    29. Consequence - Flashes
    30. FIS - DMT Usher
    31. 1991 - Fabric of Space
    ---Synth Sense: Deleted Scene II---

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    tracklist looks quality Elwood! Will be 1 of the next 2 mixes I listen to when I have enough time to listen to this right the way through
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    I like the title Trenchcast for a start. 2nd post in 5+ years man..... where have you been? :teeth:

    Wicked intro with some dialogue over some ambient soundscape style. Not heard Izha before & brings the beat in nicely, with some metallic taps added on the top. The Never Engine & Moon Dub bring some stripped back beats to proceedings. A quality listen from the early few tune to Sakura (not sure which tune was which, as I hadn't heard many of these before), but the vocal about russians going into space was cool, along with the Indian sitar vibe of another tune. I especially liked

    as Forensics rolled in nicely off the back of Shiver. Termite worked a treat with Forensics & had been tempted to pick up Termite for a while now, but not really keep on the rest of that EP. Love the way Termite ticks its way into the brooding bass of Forensics :) The effervescent flavours of Chinatown merge their way in & enjoyed the tribal bounces & obscure vocals in Haze Days


    Not heard Half Top Feelings rmx in a while & respect for playing Paperboy! One of my favourite Nymfo tune + potentially working on something with that atm. Dark underground flavours of Actress ease in effortlessly to Paperboy for Actress to do its steppy thing. Also, pleasing hearing Rafale again. Already anticipating the blend into Creator will be quality, as both that & Rafale are rhythmically similar, then there it is & Im A Creator is in. Nice one for keeping Rafale in for the mix too. Minor vocal clash with Creator & Soundclash, but the mix was cool with those two, if a bit brief. Promises slides the ride back into more familiar territory, like the first third of the podcast. Not heard that before or Fatherhood, which came in with some mild Hardware style vibes imo. Interesting on the ears. Not heard Room With A View before either, but does alot with not very much in the tune. Possibly my favourite tune in there that I haven't heard before. Yungas was nice & ambient to hear, which merged into Auqaloop effortlessly. Flashes made for a nice listen, as it is 1 of the few tunes I have in your tracklist in the last third of the podcast. I hear DMT Usher moving in. Love the sound of a helicopter crash landing in that :) Been wanting to use that in a mix ever since I picked it up. Fabric of Space makes for a wicked outro tune, with some structured words over the top signalling the end to all that had gone before

    I enjoyed to ride right the way through, starting off mildly, building the tempo a fair bit through the flavours & 32+ tunes in 61 minutes is a great ratio of tunes to minutes, without substituting quality for quantity, but it is a '...cast' so the tunes to minutes is likely to be quite high.

    If you are back on the scene on here, would appreciate if you could have a listen to my latest mix & jot some comments -> http://dnbforum.com/showthread.php/...uffhouse-Consequence-Scuba-FIS-Nico-Skeptical Peace
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