Eloy Santiago- Eat More Experts


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Interesting track. In a good way, of course...
I like the sound of that bass, and the breakbeats work well with it.
The harmonies are a bit major for a harsh bass like that though.
You've written a lot of variation into that bass part: It does make it interesting, but it loses it's coherency as a whole - I'm reminded of a lot of squarepusher tracks where he's too busy writing and mangling to step back and look at the bigger picture.
The kind of evolving, growing, flowing, minimal structure is something I've been interested in for a while now, but I'm not sure how well it works in this track.
Nice track though. Finish it, but don't be afraid to tear out stuff root and branch...

Edit: Just looked at your SC and noticed that everything I said applies to most of your tracks. It just seems to be your style, go with it...
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thanks! yeah I probably do have a slight consistency problem- you are not the first one to imply that; after too many listens in a row about anything tends to seem very natural.. on the other hand, I really enjoy tricky stuff like Squarepusher; its tough for me to draw the line; as for the harmonics, I was going to do some strange harmonics stuff above the bass, but in the end the bass occupied all the spectrum.. no room left..I will redo this in a few days or so, right now my ears are way saturated..