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Dec 20, 2010
Thought its about time i join a drum n bass forum im a member of another forum which is packed full of people who don't like dnb it drives me nuts.

Anyways im Jay im from south east England (hertfordshire) i've been in to drum n bass properly for about three years. I got into the scene pretty late mostly due to the fact that i've never really got into the jumpup scene.. I had no interest in the slammin vinyl tape packs that everyone was into and still ain't.

I'm into a few different genres but open to anything different.

liquid funk

A few favourite the top of my head.

D-bridge, Commix, Logistics, Raiden, Meth, Icicle, Alix Perez, Bad Company, Rockwell, Billain, Klute Misanthrop, Phace, Subwave, Break, Audio, Instu:mental, Spectrasoul, Black sun empire, Calyx, Teebee, Lenzman, Calibre, Noisia, Spor, Gridlok.... Basically anything renegade hardware, metalheadz, Offkey and shogun audio.

Anyways.. looking forward to contributing.. big up.
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