Ello from a noob.


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Ello, I'm Adam, 23 from Cardiff. About 4 months ago I decided I wanted to learn how to mix. I bought what I could afford, pioneer cdj100s and a numark dxm01 mixer. I dont have any friends that dj so basically I used youtube videos and my own common sense to learn the basics. A couple of weeks ago i felt confident enough to record a mix. I posted it up on soundcloud and has got around 80 listens. Ive not had much feedback though from the people that have listened. Hence why Ive come to this forum. Its not going to be the best mix anyone has ever heard but Id appriciate some feedback on it. Ive never enjoyed something so much that I sink all my spare time into. I really want to improve.

Thanks for reading this and thanks a lot if you have a listen. Peace