Ello ello

Hey, thought I'd post n say hello. Im Arron and I've gotten into dnb massively over the last couple of years. What kicked it off really was going to creamfields 08, had never ad a experience like that till then, was truely immense.

Since then been going to loads of events, inno in the dam, warning, fabric, matter, NYE Nec, pleasure dome n global. Got some decks about a month ago and am finding mixing a very fun little hobby, been after some for ages but they aint they exactly cheap.

Got Reason a couple of months ago as well, slowly getting better and understanding it more, unlike mixing tho I find it a lot harder to motivate me self to get on it a lot of the time and get stuck in.

I'm into pretty much all styles of dnb, my favourite producers atm would have to be break, logistics, dj fresh. Love the chilled liquid vibe with sick unexpeceted basslines.