Ellie Goulding - starry eyed (Sotalex remix)


man your battlestations

First off... I know Dexcell did a remix which was very good and probably 20 times better than mine!
so in no way my remix was meant to disrespect dexcell...

I Did it just to work on my sampling methods etc...

anyway... I'd hope to get some feedback...
what do you guys think? and what can be done better?


need some bigger bass in there mate, things seem a little too crisp for me, but might be ok if they were evened out with some decent low end, really get the big kick and snare pumping, at the moment things are a bit light

i guess the drop for me didnt cut it, but i did kinda skip through :p

and for the record i thought dex's could have been way better! keep at it!
Personaly i quite like your style! i think the drums are well produced and nice sounding, quite tight. but the drop definatly needs to be bigger! the vocal will definatly fit more of a drop that makes you go WOW!!! like, to me it sounds like youve just used one bass patch? cut the lows out to about 120hz and add a sub bass (just a low passed sine to about 120hz or square til you just get the bass comeing though) if youve alredy done this its just abit too low in the mix. on the subject of the mixdown, it dose need a little work the main hat thats in the intro and the rest of the tune needs to be a little quiter and it feels too chilled out from the origonal vibe of the tune, id say big uplifting vibes, maybe experiment with a crash cymbol on the drop or sumthing, in the higher frequencys to really bring it up, and bring life to it! but the voclas sound pretty crisp beats are brillient imo. but overall it sounds like you know your shit. all the sounds are nice an crisp by there self, they just need a little work to bring them all together in the mix really, no extra processing what so ever id say (depending on how your sub acts when its brought up in the mix) just need to mix it down agen, very nice work mate, hope to hear more from you!