Elijah & Skilliam - Rinse Fm - Grime 4/9/09


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Aug 2, 2008
Straight up 2000 & Grime music from us in the first section, and then a 3 deck mix up. There was a few big errors, but don't let that spoil your enjoyment! Big up the real 3 deck kings they know who they are!

Download Here

Starkey Feat Durrty Goodz - Gutter Music
Rude Kid & JME - London Town Remix
Griminal - Cant Be
Newham Generals - Mind Is A Gun
Swindle - Roll Deep Rally
Tempa T - Strung Up Hype
Footsie - 3 Plates
Trim - Da Phone Call
Dot Rotton - Ride For Me
Joker - Psychedelic Runway
Calibar Feat Ghetts - Bad Breed
Durrty Goodz - This is what they want
Terror Danjah - Hard Crawler
Royal T - Drop Bombs VIP Remix
Joker - Do It
Double S - Swaggeristic
Lioness - Numero Uno
Newham Generals - Bell Dem Slags
DVA - Bullet A Go Fly
Newham Generals feat Dizzee Rascal - Pepper
*3Deck Mix*
I only said that mixtape cause with Badness calling it a day with grime music, its unlikely it will get a CD release. Hopefully it gets a digital release.
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