Elijah & Skilliam - Best of Grime 2008 - Rinse.Fm Set


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Aug 2, 2008
Best of 2008 - January to September - (All this stuff is out now)


Skepta - MOTD (Arsenal win celebration)
J.Sweet - Mash Up
Terror Danjah - Morph (Hardrive Vol.1)
OGs- Get Down (OG Season)
Killa P Feat Skepta & Jammer - Body Bag (Killa Instinct)
Griminal - Its alot (Not Just Bars Promo)
Tinchy Stryder - Six Four Fire Freestyle (Cloud 9 EP)
P Money - Dont Jump (No Hats No Hoods)
Tinchy Stryder Feat Chipmunk- Sorry You Are (Cloud 9 EP)
Mr Slash - What Did He Say (No Hats No Hoods)
Ruff Squad - RSMD (N0 Hats No Hoods)
Ghetto Feat Devlin - Buss 1 (Freedom of Speech)
Dirty Dangerous - Front Back (No Hats No Hoods)
Jammer - Before (Are You Dumb 3)
Terror Danjah - Trojan (Earth 616)
Jammer Feat Skepta & Frisco (Are You Dumb 3)
Wiley - Local Lad (Grime Wave)
Maniac - Salt Fish (Earth 616)
Wiley - Grime Kid (Grime Wave)
Wiley - Its A Par (Grime Wave)
Bashy Feat J2k & Ghetto - Over Here (Adulthood OST)
DOK - When Will I Be Famous (Dokument)
Kyla - Do You Mind (Terror Danjah Remix)
Waifa - Gunman Skank (Earth 616)
Random Impulse - Masks (Full Metal Alchemist)
JME - Shut Ya Mout (Famous?)
JME - P (Famous?)
JME - Standard (Famous?)
Dot Rotton - Grime & Bass (Rotten Riddims)
DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Earth 616)
Lil Narsty - UFO (Hungry Season)
Sliverlink Feat Jammer & Badness - Message is love (NHNH)
P - Money - Pulse Eskimo (Pmoney.co.uk)
Rude Kid - Bandannas On (NHNH)
Kano Feat Ghetto - Hunting We Go (140 Grime Street)
Rude Kid - The Best (NHNH)
Kano Feat Wiley - Anywhere We Go (140 Grime Street)
D - Structo - Who wants what? (CDR)
Roll Deep - Club 7 (Return of the Big Money Sound)
Cant Remember - Cant Remember
Roll Deep - Give Up (Return of the Big Money Sound)

Butterz In The Mix
Nocturnal - The Real Best (Dub)
Rude Kid - Unknown (Dub)
DJ Myrikal - High Roller (Dub)
DVA - Bullet A Go Fly (Dub)
J Sweet - Other (Mixing Records)
DVA - Turn The Lights Off (Dub)
Skepta - These Mc's (BPM)
Roachee - Top 3 Reckless (Dub)
Mr Snowman - Triple Drop (Dub)
Ice Kid - Talk Of The Town (Dub)
Rude Kid - Unknown (Dub)
Lee Brasco - Computer Girls (NHNH Out Now)
DOK - Cant Remember (Dokument)
Jammer Feat Frisco & Tempa T - Big Man Ting (Are You Dumb 4)
Cant Remember - Cant Remember
G - Dub - Pure (Grime Forum)
Black Ops - Untitled (Dub)
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix) (Zip Files Vol.1)
J Beatz- Unknown (Dub)
Rapid - License (Someone release this fuck sake)
Rapid - Advertiser (Dub)
Rude Kid - Time To Waste (Dub)
Rapid & Tinchy Stryder - Stuck On My Mind
Skeamz - Greengate Guyz (Earth 616)
Rapid & Kano - Its War (Dub)


Apologies for flopping it with the microphone at the start, I was only singing Arsenal songs over MOTD. Suppose it was best it was very low.

2008 looks like a good year from this tracklisting. This was only the released material, there is quite a bit of top quality material floating that hasn't seen a release yet so 2009 should be healthy as well.

Let me know what you think of the show please, especially the tunes towards the end. Got some promising producers coming through. Big up the new names.


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