Elevation 2 EP (4x Dancefloor DnB) [NVR091: OUT NOW!]


DnB/Dubstep Record Label!
Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK

► Elevation 2 EP [NVR091: OUT NOW!] ◄
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► (A) Mustard Cuts - I'm Not Here [NVR091: OUT NOW!]:

► (B) T-Trider - Alive [NVR091: OUT NOW!]:

► (C) KNGHT - Don't Wanna [NVR091: OUT NOW!]:

► (D) Kaizah - Scrubbin' [NVR091: OUT NOW!]:

► (+) Elevation 2 EP (Release Mix) [NVR091: OUT NOW!]:

► NVR091 Tracklisting:
(A) Mustard Cuts - I'm Not Here
(B) T-Trider - Alive
(C) KNGHT - Don't Wanna
(D) Kaizah - Scrubbin'

(+) Absence Of Self - If I Could (Bonus Track) [BANDCAMP ONLY!]
(+) Elevation 2 EP (Release Mix) [BANDCAMP ONLY!]


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(A) Mustard Cuts - I'm Not Here:
Opening Elevation 2 EP is a new artist to the label, UK based Mustard Cuts, with his track I'm Not Here. Deviating from his usual style I'm Not Here finds its origins from a casual session involving a Fender Strat, with the end result being the evocative chords and riff in the intro, that help give this track its warm and emotive feel. Later accompanied by a big powerful and overdriven, 80's style bass synth and mesmerizing female vocals, after the drop. A Catchy vocal dancefloor banger with all the euphoric qualities of a classic festival anthem.

(B) T-Trider - Alive:
Nu Venture Records regular and resident high energy Drum & Bass producer T-Trider returns for a second outing on the Elevation EP series. Starting with an arpeggiated melody alongside enticing but sinister sounding pads as the track progresses into an energetic DnB tune. A captivating and pulsating bassline give this one its distinguished feel, combined with a punchy beat and synthesised sampled vocals to emphasise the dancefloor nature of this track.

(C) KNGHT - Don't Wanna:
Following an appearance on the original Elevation EP, KNGHT returns for the 2nd installment with his track Don't Wanna. Conceived during the height of the 2020 pandemic and with an overwhelming desire to rave it's no surprise the resulting production transpired as a high tempo Dancefloor Drum & Bass track. Setting the tone by opening with smooth synths, as part of a melodic and enticing intro, before the barrage of suspense in the build up to the drop. Followed by an intense overload of energy provided by a solid driving bassline, pumping drums and a catchy melody.

(D) Kaizah - Scrubbin':
With a different approach to his regular style, new label artist Kaizah applies a heavier bass driven sound to bring you his maiden Dancefloor Drum & Bass floor filler, Scrubbin'. Taking centre stage are a combination of bouncy and melodic leads and a classic 80's style rhythmic bass, as Kaizah creates a track that pays homage to the energetic and synth dominated sounds that are indicative of the UK Dancefloor scene. Vinyl samples, that provided inspiration for the track's name, are the final element that binds the track together and completes Elevation 2 EP.

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