Elevate The Sound - Part 3


DJ Ambiont

Rudeboy - Sigma, Doctor
Set It Off (Icicle Remix) - Friction, K-Tee
Prometheus - Enei
Gangster - Mampi Swift
Hot Plate - Enei
Senorita - Chromatic, Michael Lynch
Feelings - Shy FX, T-Power
Lunar Bass (Commix Remix) - Origin Unknown
Digital Bumblebees - Hazard
Hold It Down (Joe Ford Remix) - Datsik
Friendly Intentions - Noisia
Swamp Thing - Sub Focus
Block Control - Noisia
Phase Align - Fourward
Elevate This Sound - Calyx, TeeBee
Purpose - Noisia, Phace
Im A Creator - Dub Phizix, Skittles
Detroid - Rockwell
Ignition (TR Tactics Remix) - Optiv, BTK, Ryme Tyme
Countdown - Fourward ft. Kyza
Freedom Of Filth - Phace
M.I.R. - Ulterior Motive
Against The Clock - Gerwin
Battle Scars - Friction, Fourward, Jakes
LK - Marky, XRS, Stamina MC
Pulp Fiction (Lynx 2010 Edit) - Alex Reece
Milky Way - RAM Trilogy
88 Mph - Cyantific
Jungle Music - Logistics
Snakefist - Serum, Bladerunner
Goliath - Enei, DRS
Heads Up - Audio
Time Tripping - Hazard
Deadhouse (InsideInfo & Mefjus Remix) - BSE, Jade
Oh Oh - Noisia
4th State (Icicle Remix) - Safire, Amoss, Gusto
Contemporary - Icicle, Mefjus
Anxious - Icicle
If We Ever - High Contrast
Time (Enei Remix) - Chase & Status, Delilah
Breathing - Chase & Status, Bo Saris
Bamboo Paper - Atlantic Connection
Streetlife - Chase & Status
Rock The Funky Beats - Natural Born Chillers
Constantcompexrhythmicsound - Rockwell
I Feel You - Icicle
In Profile - Spectrasoul
So Real - System, FD
Headbangers Ball - Nymfo
Energy Lines - Apex
Sucker Punch - Unknown Error
Deception - Noisia
Greed Of Gain - Misanthrop

52 minutes / 53 tracks
mixed on 3x CDJ850, 1x Numark NDX800, 1x Pioneer DJM700



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Sick mix, defo up my street, dancefloor bangers ! The intro was great setting and by the time Hot Plate came in I was kicking grannies everywhere.. went the other way there though, although a nice double with Feelings, big mood changer though, nice to hear Commix with Bumble Bee daring mix but gelled well i thought, switch into Hold It Down was a bit sudden, Noisia ontop was tidy, Swamp Thing picked up the pace came in pretty sharp. Block Control then getting us going an were rollin !
Purpose mix was cool nice EQing.. Creators flow with Detroit was hench.. the mix out of that with the vocal was smart then again rollin!
LK was a nice change - LIGHTER CREW ! AND CHEEKY DROP WITH PULP FICTION & THEN MILKY WAY BAR & THEN IN 88 MPH !! Never knew the name o that !!
Jungle Music rolling through nicely then some mad mix with SnakeFist - grannies everywhere !!
Switch again into TimeTrippy an rollin through to If We Ever double Time nicely done.. Some mixes around Rock Funky Beats seems rushed, but didnt ruin the mix.. overall tickled me nicely.. look forward to hearing more 8/10