Elettrowave "Different Beat" Challenge EP - DataMod011


July 19: Beatport Exclusive - August 19 : Official Release Date

Dabs - Anymore [V.I.P.]
Kuzam & Evilbass - Silent Storm
Kuzam & Evilbass - System Fuse
Maztek - Artificial Intelligence
Maztek - Bloody Industry
Sewaside Collective - The Legendary Battle
Sewaside Collective - Istanbul Star

This Ep is a selection of the best tunes coming from the Elettrowave Different Beat Challenge 2008 and represent a picture of today's best italian up and coming d'n'b producers.
Elettrowave Challenge 2008, a competition dedicated to young creatives in the electronic music field, visual arts and technological entertainment innovation, is supported by "Fondazione Arezzo Wave Italia", maker of the most prestigious musical event in Italy: “Italia Wave Band”, a challenge for all those newcomers of the italian musical scene.
This time the Elettrowave Staff link up with Modulate Recordings for the "Different Beat" challenge section, a three step's match performed during a tour in the best italian clubs; the winner will get his track pressed, remixed and distributed worldwide on Modulate wax by Nu-Urban.
Here's the semifinalists compilation along with a bonus track from winner Dabs.
... enjoy!

DABS - Anymore [V.I.P.]

Dabs is Davide Rustici, one of the most productive and relevant personalities among the Italian drum'n'bass scene, now starting to step into the international dnb panorama.?His tech-neurofunky sound ranges from deep-athmospheric to more dancefloor oriented vibes and his tunes appear on relevant labels like Maximum Ammo, Basswerk, M-Atome and Modulate to name a few.?From 2006 Dabs exhibited in many Clubs in Rome and all over Italy, sharing the console with international dj's like Massive Attack, Dj Hype, Aphrodite, Calyx, Storm, Dope Ammo, Silent Witness, Jade, Chook. He received positive feedbacks on his productions from drum'n'bass stars like Break, Vicious Circle, N.Phect, Silent Witness, The Green Man, Jade and Rusher.

MAZTEK - Artificial Intelligence/ Bloody Industry

Maztek (Rome, IT), guitarist and percussion player, now Dj and producer, begins his musical career at the age of 13, when he played with his first band as lead guitarist. In 2000 he turns into electronica music and starts to dig into techno sound. In that period he was very active in the underground techno rave scene. In 2005 he produces 3 albums, the first of them was trip hop while electronic and sperimental/break was the flavour the others. In 2006 he starts organizing d'n'b events, so called "Subculture DNB Party" which is also the name of his movement, with famous guests like Outrage (metalheadz), Dj Radic (fullforce recordings) and Congo NAtty.Now he cooperates with Total Wipes rec, Ninth Zone Records, Combat Records and with the busiest djs in the Italian underground scene.

KUZAM&EVILBASS - Silent Storm / System Fuse

Kuzam & Evilbass start their musical career since teenagers, when the first one was involved in Altered Beats crew, while Evilbass was a part of the Aenimal Collective.
2004 was the year of inception for the duo: a shared project focused on Drum'n'Bass takes life and they starts making shows as Dj's in the biggest gigs and clubs around Italy like Level57 and Link (Bologna), Forte Prenestino (Rome), Pergola (Milan), ExMud (Florence) , The Target (Bari), Dresscode (Pisa) just to name a few.
The duo's next step is a complete dedication for developing their own beats, making sense when labels like Soundkraft(DnB), Modulate-Data(DnB),
Dirty Drop(Breaks), No sense of Place(Breaks) and Transistor Technology(DnB) sign up some of their works.
Kuzam & Evilbass are currently involved in a crew of Dj/Producers called Sochopatix, developing the Sochopatix Recordings label; they're also a part of the "Drumassociated" association, whose purpose is to become a booking agency and a promoters meeting point.

SEWASIDE COLLECTIVE - The Legendary Battle / Istanbul Star

Pasquale "Code2" Belvito and Jack "Plastix" Cucchi are the promoting partners of Sewaside Collective, a group of djs and producers who came from a deep research in the black music field, starting from early 90s.
Now, ranging from hiphop music to the sounds of new millennium, the "sewasiders" are rinsing old school breaks, movie samples and growling basslines into tracks that let your imagination wonder through stories and alternative worlds.
Istanbul Star and The Legendary Battle are the two sides of the same coin. One is a dreamy journey to a heavenly place, the other is the tragedy of a destroyed world.
"Sewaside is the sewer side of our city as well as the meaning of the neighbourhood name where we grew up" Sewaside C. / Code2 &Plastix