electro swing...

Reminds me of future jazz, except it's swing. (second video)

That Caravan Palace mix sounds like disco/filter house (with a bit of swing in there).

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growing up in gothenburg i met swell session a few times and im surprised at how little i like their stuff today, i remember their drum and bass being totally kick ass back in 98. they really are most excellent musicians. or maybe its just the one guy, i forget whos what, i love the tunes hird and yukimmi did together though. classic music.


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Back when i was a bit of a scumbag I would pester this mate of mine who was dealing for weed.
He was balls deep in a massive coke habit, and as he had just discovered electro swing it was all he would ever listen to.
The conversation would oscillate between deep, meaningful, profound, bordering on the sublime, to senseless, mundane, slightly disturbing and void of any hint of actual communication as we both went through our respective highs - by numbers.
At a few points I was actually getting stoned enough to sort of enjoy this strange, new and novel music, but the incessant beat, those fucking fucking trumpets and the fact that the only electronic music I could actually tolerate for an extended period at the time was a lickle bit of Kryptic Minds and RSD made my flipping head spin and I just had to make up some lame excuse for why I was leaving and bail.. In a little while though, because something tells me someone's about to roll up a fatty any minute now, init.

Thinking back on it he might just have played it to stop me from smoking all his dope..