like the breakdown. lol @ milkshake too, watched that film the other day. either side of that cowbelly break in the hats sound a bit robotic tho, maybe see if u can work a break or two in with them to get a bit more organic feelin? 'fraid most of the synth work isnt my thing, but each to their own ay? keep at it
yeah the synth is definately different. i really wanted to try something original and wanted to keep it simple, its pretty concept (for me) but am happy with the overall sound. av recently had to completely wipe my cpu because of viruses so all my vsts and samples are gone. this was made with just massive and a couple samples from a few various packs i had lying around so am very happy with it in that sense.
Pretty gd little jump up track Dan, definetley gettin better bro, felt the main body of the track could do with alot more high in there, like a synth/angels/string. but the way way the track flows is really good, got sum luvly little edits bro.

Big up yaself!

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