Drum & Bass Electro-ish DnB thing

probs what amigo said. on a pos note, you've got an interesting collection of styles and sounds going on. A lot of creativity going on! it's certainly different and entertaining. good luck :)
Heheh, you got it AM1GO! The kick and snare punch the master limiter down by about 8dB o_O on every hit (call it rough & tough sidechaining), then, just to make it sparkle on laptop & phone speakers, there's a plus 3dB before soft-clipping. It's waaaaay too loud, everything is clipped.

I'll take a look and see if I can get the different elements to play nice together, thanks for the tip.

What cracks me up is that the drums don't sound overly compressed even though the master limiter is used entirely incorrectly. My theory is that since the attack is fairly high on the limiter it distorts the attack of the kick and snare giving a nice high freq snap - as the limiter engages the distortion reduces providing a thumpy (full amplitude...) tail.

Anyway, I need to AB cause I think this is a couple (perceptible) dB louder than standard. But all in all I've been very surprised at abusing the master limiter in this manner. I got the idea cause I started noticing distorted snare drums (ugly midsy distortion) in some neurofunk and it sounded like master clipping to me. :shrug: And it pissed me off. But then I tried it. So much for good technique.