Electro / House / Old Skool / Baltimore Club Mix


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Oct 31, 2005
electro, house, baltimore club, old skool, dubstep, etc. hope you enjoy. i know some of the tracks ('hustler', 'DANCE', 'destroy rock n roll') are played out but i don't give a fuck. to people who mix house / techno / listen to these kinds of mixes: let me know how it sounds. i haven't played this kind of stuff in a long time and hope it is mixed well.

1. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler - Interscope
2. Wiley - Summertime (Crookers Remix) - Asylum
3. Four Color Zack - Elo x Fcz - Fool's Gold
4. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Ed Banger
>>>Benny Benassi presents The Biz - Satisfaction (Acapella)
5. The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go (Tom Neville Remix) - Columbia
6. Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat (Hot Chip Remix) - Parlophone
7. Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life - Kompakt
8. Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Midnight Juggernaut Remix) - Island
9. MGMT - Kids - Columbia
12. New Order - Temptation - Factory
13. Usher - Love In This Club (Mike D. Bass Remix) - White
>>>Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat - F Communications
14. Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll (Tom Neville Remix) - Breastfed
15. ShadyTvo - Twurk Dat Juke - ShadyTvo Recordings
16. Good As Gold - Smell Yo Dick - Top Billin Music
17. Four Color Zack - Boom - Fool's Gold
18. Bounce Camp - Big Dancin' - Top Billin Music
19. Unknown Artist - House Medley - White
20. Controller 7 - I'm Ready To Shake - Token Recluse
21. Tag Team - Whoomp! (There It Is) - Life Records
22. Anonymous - U Fine - Top Billin Music
23. Basement Jaxx - Get Me Off - Astralwerks
>>>Deadmau5 - Bounce - Play Records
22. MIA - Paper Planes (Tom O'Hoolihan Remix) - White
23. MIA - Paper Planes - XL
24. MIA - Paper Planes (Scottie B Remix) - XL
25. 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare - Smile Communications
26. Smart E's - Sesame's Treet - Suburban Base
27. Manix - Feel Real Good - Reinforced
28. The Prodigy - Out Of Space - XL
29. Lil' Wayne - A Milli (Trenchman Remix) - White



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Jun 7, 2009
My electro house cuts from mixadance, they all are really great! ; ]]

Mixadance cut by eLm 35
http://uploading.com/files/V1FSBO7C/Mixadance cut by eLm 35.mp3.html

Mixadance 1 ( By Freak)
http://uploading.com/files/IZYBGQ57/Mixadance 1 ( By Freak).wma.html

Mixadance_190_4 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/JT4RQGAN/Mixadance_190_4 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_192_2 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/6BYNX1ZH/Mixadance_192_2 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_186_3 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/6LUPJCF4/Mixadance_186_3 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_184_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/K7MKT3OO/Mixadance_184_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_183_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/RVSR84PZ/Mixadance_183_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_180_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/044DWZ5O/Mixadance_180_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_179_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/ATBJ669L/Mixadance_179_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_177_3 (Cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/CYJFEJHG/Mixadance_177_3 (Cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_177_2 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/SC63B315/Mixadance_177_2 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_176_2 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/EMU0L1TD/Mixadance_176_2 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance_175_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/NS6ICI7L/Mixadance_175_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance209_4 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/Q9J635FK/Mixadance209_4 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance209_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/4FV8KS0N/Mixadance209_1 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance206_3 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/T9TMFVE3/Mixadance206_3 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance201_3 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/FCSPYTQG/Mixadance201_3 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance198_3 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/P1CA3NE8/Mixadance198_3 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html

Mixadance88_2 (cut by Dj Milanowic)
http://uploading.com/files/U0BL0AMP/Mixadance88_2 (cut by Dj Milanowic).mp3.html
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