Multi Genre Electro and classic sounds-Diva U-he

Hello !

I have released under my TTS(TranceTechnoSoundbanks)label new EDM soundbank .
This time its : 'DIVA U-HE Classic Electronica'. .
This soundbank is a bit tematic becouse it do have sounds that are rather more torwards classic EDM.

When i was doing this soundbank i was really gone into styles like :
Westbam traxxes ala Beatbox Rocker, Hard Times, - Members of Mayday-10 in 01 or Save the Robots,- classic trance traxxes
from Frankfurt city scene and some Berlin MFS influences.
Plus lot of oldschool classic house and classic techno.

I havent done such a classic soundbank yet, maybe You could be interested to go for
product site and check demos and details:

Here is soundcloud demo:
Price is really good.

As usually there are ready FULL CONSTRUCTION KITS for every of 13 demos in FL Studio FLP format and
Midi + presets + automation jpg's(showing automation and construction of every demo on screen), 'How
to use' file,- for every DAW. So it means that you can recreate the demos that you hear in mp3 in every
Daw and open ready Fl Studio flp's files even in Fl Studio demo mode.

Quality and useability is the goal in my every soundbank.

If you would have some questions please write me.
Have nice day !