Eksman - Na Blud


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Feb 8, 2008
shit tune , herbzie when he walks across that bridge, with two gimps behind him , doin gun fingers and strutting along, doin this planned out dance with two gheys behind him... with a shit hoody on, its fuckin cringeworthy ..

eksmans first verse is commercial , but not 2 bad ..

Let me introduce my self my names Eks
South east Londoner I don't pet
I come from the streets the ghetto and slums
Where teenagers are carrying guns
Drug dealers shooting out tons
Single mums surviving on crumbs
That's the reason why fraud runs
Too much bills and not enouth funds
What do I do, I do what I do best
Hit the road and shot ses
Start juggleing, money is coming in quickley doubleing
Bills get paid
Til there's a early morning drugs raid
From C.I.D Scotland Yard
At my yard eksman I'm jared
Caught with 29 bars
Of harry blap blap I get shabby
Out of the window to the ally
Dally so the fed man can't catch me
Cuff me up and then try and attack me
Eksman, keep it gully
Leave the crime scene quick in a hurry
Don't worry it's cook and curry
I got a hide out down in Surrey
Jump into my merc and I splurt
M3 west driving bezerk
When I'm on the motorway I see
There's a undercover car following me
Panic start driving manic
Swerving in and out of the traffic
Semi automatic blap blap blap

but the whole , na blood , na blood , na blood , na blood ,

eksman im not having it, no way , na blood .. bad ..:clown:
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