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Jun 15, 2007

The eks otus is quite possibly the worlds most advanced dj controller, both in terms of features and in terms of styling. It works as a hands-on interface for your dj software, and because it has a premium quality audio interface built-in, it connects direct to a traditional dj mixer with audio connections just like a normal turntable or Cd deck. The deck has a touch sensitive user interface, for instance the pitch slider is controlled by dragging your finger along the allocated pitch fader strip. There's also a touch sensitive x-y controller, which can be assigned to variable parameters in your software. The fluid, touch sensitive jog wheel gives hands on control over your tracks, just like a real turntable or cdj. A host of virtual knobs and controllers, along with the four jog wheels featured on each of the otus's corners, give direct access to an incredible amount of settings on your software, so your complete computer dj set can be controlled from this single usb deck. Rather impressively, the otus can be used to control 2 virtual decks in a single programme. For instance when used with traktor 3, at the flick of a switch you can alternate between deck a and deck b, with full control over each. It also has two audio outputs, so both virtual decks can be connected to different channels on your mixer - giving two deck mixing from a single unit! And to keep things straightforward when switching decks, all your settings are carried across and the otus will become illuminated in either orange or green (with each colour correlating to a different deck) to help you visually distinguish between decks. So with this pair of decks, you get a total of four virtual decks....amazing!

USB Turntable controller with audio output
USB connection
High resolution 7.5" wheel with touch sense (position/speed LED indicators)
4 jog dial type controls with switch
17 assignable low travel buttons
6 assignable touch buttons
10 assignable control knobs
Built-in touchpad / assignable X/Y control surface for mouse or effect control
80mm touch sensitive pitch slider, with position LEDs
Dual virtual deck layers (two decks in one!)
backlit LED display
Built-in Audio interface (connect to DJ mixer like traditional deck
16bit/24bit, 44.1kHz/48kHz
4 x RCA outputs (two stereo outputs - one for each virtual deck)
2 x digital outputs (spdif)
6.3mm headphone output
PC & Mac compatible
Can be used with any MIDI compatible software, such as serato, Traktor, ableton etc

Opinions???? Anyone seen or used one before??
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