Ekko & Sidetrack ON RTR Perth

Hey All,
Heres a link to a set we recorded about a month ago. Its basically what we performed live on the radio Down here in Perth. Few new tunes in there and some of our own productions which have come along even since this recording. Check it out - would love to hear your comments!



Escape-Netsky (Hospital Records)
>>>>>>Great Drum and Bass Swindle-London Electricity (Logistics remix)
Pulse- Ekko and Sidetrack (Dub)
She Lied- Mistabishi (Hospital Records)
Eastern Promise- Logistics (Hospital Records)
Smile- Netsky (Hospital Records)
She Came Along- Sharam(Danny Byrd remix) (Data)
>>>>>>White Noise Down- Fouward and Nphect (Fokuz Records)
Climax- Camo and Krooked(Hospital Records)
Suede- Ekko and Sidetrack (Dub)
I Refuse-Netsky (Shockone remix) (Spearhead Records)
Untitled-Ekko and Sidetrack (Dub)
If We Ever-High Contrast (Hospital Records)
Turn Up The Music- Camo and Krooked (Hospital Records)
How You Gonna Feel- Commix (Metalheadz)
Going Home- Ekko and Sidetrack (Dub)
System- Nu-tone (Matrix and Futurebound Remix) (Hospital Records)
Follow The Light- Sub focus (Ram)
Like We Do- Talon (Dub)
Awesome- Bloody Beetroots featuring the Cool Kids (Ekko and Sidetrack Bootleg) (Dub)
Climax- Camo and Krooked (Hospital Records)
Catch You- Fred V (Cue Recordings)
Bad Red- Culture Shock (Ram)
>>>>>>Make It Tonight- High Contrast (Hospital Records)
Stay With Me- Ekko and Sidetrack (Dub)
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