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I recorded this back in January and sat on it for a while, it's my first full length mix using my CDJs.

I'd love any feedback and if you want a download send me a dm on soundcloud, I can send a link over.

01. Fred V & Grafix - Downpour
02. Logistics - Take Me To Another World (feat. Stella Attar)
03. Etherwood - The Rain Will Fall (feat. LSB)
04. Technimatic - Hold on a While (feat. Jono McLeary)
05. Nu:Logic - Morning Light
06. Anile - Between The Sides (feat. Inja)
07. Hybrid Minds - Trauma [Lenzman Remix]
08. Nu:Tone - Set Me Free
09. Dawn Wall - Between The Sheets (feat. AI)
10. Random Movement & Jaybee - Good Enough
11. Spectrasoul - Alibi
12. Technimatic - Clockwise

Thanks a bunch!


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Link now available above ^
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We've all been there pal !
gave this a quick jam, selection good was good
lost the mix around morning light abit but didnt ruin the mix, the Inja track didnt really follow, rollin to steppy, but next mix was nice and probs your best mix on here
seems your trying to match the breakdowns which is how i started, just got to watch your EQing - lost the mix again about 21.30

I think in general you've got the right idea's just need more of a flow
try looking at what drums match up more in the mix, so maybe try using the same tracklist again, just in a different order see if you can get it rolling
Will keep an eye for future mixes, keep it up man