Ed rush tune I have vague memory of, only can remember some lyrics

Hi peeps. Gotta tune that I remember hearing ages ago and have been searching everywhere for it, and would appreciate any help.

I downloaded it years ago, and all I remember was that it was by Ed Rush. It was a very slow tempo tune, it had a definate reggae felling to it, with jumpy chords on the offbeats and a nice chord sequence. Probably not really DnB at all, much more like reggae crossed with DNB influences.

I remeber the vocals, and juding by them it might be called "the life that your living", but this doesn't find any search results anywhere. I can remeber some of the vocals but am not sure what the title is.

The chorus went something like this:

Its the life that your living,
Dont you worry about the (something) that your giving,
Its the life that your living,
Dont you worry about the [.....]
Oh right, okaaaaay.

Music is the [...] blah blah.

Soemthing like that....

Had a real oldshool nice jumpy feel to it, a very happy song and I've always remembered it. I REALLY would like to find it again because I've lost the file.

Anyone got any ideas?