Ed Rush & Optical @ Ransom (3/5/2002)


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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Ed Rush & Optical @ Ransom, Jo Jo's, Stroud.

As you can all imagine, this is one that me and my boys had been looking forward to for a while! After a particularly slow week at work, Friday night seemed like a god-send!
Arriving at the venue at around 10.45pm, we were lucky enough to catch the end of Dj Access' set. Crowd-pleasers and anthems such as "Shake Your Body" kept the dancefloor crew happy, right up until the encore of John B's epic remix of "Up All Night". Next up, its time for Cheltenham jungalist Dj Poison to bring the goods, and bring the goods he did! Opening with Capone's "Twist em Out", Poison managed to keep the energy levels high throughout his set. New Dillinja pieces featured strongly in his set, but when you get an album as bad as Big Bad Bass, you have to make the most of it. Accompanying him on his jungle mission were Mc's Loco and Dread, bouncing lyrics off each other like theres no tommorow. Highlight of his set though, would have to be his punishing mix-up of Dilly's "Thugged Out Bitch" and BC's "The Nine". Respect!
By this time, the rabid dancefloor were just about warmed up enough for the main heavywieght contenders, and when you have the Virus crew in town, you know your not gonna be disappointed. MC Rymetyme stood boldly in front of the crowd to introduce his partners in crime, and when the first notes of Krust's "Kloakin King" filtered through the sound system, every single body jumped up and down in unison. "Squash vip", "Aint Too Loud" and "Rebirth" were all the orders of the night for the Stroud crew, and right up until the very last tune, Ed and Optical rinsed it! But then again, what else were you expecting???
Last set of the night went to resident Dj SE, and instead of listening to a set full of clangers, I opted to catch Fabio and Grooverider on Radio 1. All in all though, tonight was a perfect warm-up for Saturdays Essential Festival (review coming soon!). Big up to all Ransom crew!

Shouts to all the headz representin for the Ransom crew over the last year. Weve always been dedicated to bringing the best line ups to Gloucestershire for you the masses. As you may have heard due to problems over venues we are now moving the night from JoJo's, Stroud to Brunel Rooms, Swindon. Details are

Room One (Drum And Bass)

Bad Company
Donovan Smith


Room Two (Old School)
LineUp TBC

Looking to the near future we have a one off event of

Incision Vs Ransom [21-06-02]

Mampi Swift
Donovan Smith
Access B2B Terminal


Access and Terminal will be playing an exclusive B2B set with 3 decks and 2 mixers, this will be something to look out for, if you've seen Access at his weekly Friday residency @Club Splash, Stroud, you will know what this is all about, heavy business.

Finally look out for a new night based in Stroud to be launched at the beginning of summer. Running fortnightly and very much in the style of Ransom this night will be a payback for all you headz that have supported us over the last year. As ever lineups will be phat!!! Shouts to Mulla for the reviews.

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