Eclipse EP 4 [NVR094: MidKnighT MooN | Ellementhz | Shotik]


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Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK

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► Eclipse EP 4 [NVR094: OUT NOW!]:

► NVR094 Tracklisting:
(A) Ellementhz - So Good
(B) MidKnighT MooN - Momentum
(C) Shotik - On The Floor
(D) Ellementhz - Future
(E) Shotik - Rain

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(A) Ellementhz - So Good:
Ellementhz returns from his double appearance on the previous Eclipse EP release, to open the latest and 4th installment of the series, with his track So Good. A dark production that takes on a minimalistic approach with deep and pulsating sub bass, plus a variety of assorted percussion elements, to set the tone for the rolling nature of this Ellementhz creation. An additional contrasting vocal sample then works in unison with electrifying and eerie pads to give this technical track a truly dank and sinister aura.

(B) MidKnighT MooN - Momentum:
Nu Venture Records welcome back MidKnighT MooN, for what turns out to be a busy year for the producer releasing on the label, following his Music Got Me EP earlier in the year. For his contribution to the Eclipse EP 4, MidKnighT MooN presents something altogether vastly different to his previous EP, with his latest production Momentum. Inspired by old school Drum & Bass sounds reminiscent of a nostalgic Metalheadz releases, which all becomes evident from the use of dirty rolling bass, aligned with sharp Techstep drums and 303 lasers to give the illusion of a track from years gone by.

(C) Shotik - On The Floor:
Shotik gets his third consecutive outing on the Eclipse EP series, which sees On The Floor as the first of two solo productions. The intro begins with haunting soundscapes and chilling pads to lay the foundations and pave the way for the introduction of the forceful kick. From the drop punchy drums give On The Floor its momentum alongside ripping synth work to complete this track which is aimed strictly at the dark and heavy loving heads out there.

(D) Ellementhz - Future:
For the second Ellementhz appearance on the EP, the Brazilian producer once again keeps things at the darker end of the spectrum, but this time with an overriding influence from Atmospheric Drum & Bass. Despite the fast nature of the industrious drums and hi-hat combination, Ellementhz manages to create a distinct minimal feel for Future, with short vocal enhancers and an expansive bass line combined with tension producing mystical pads.

(E) Shotik - Rain:
Completing the release is the second of Shotik's productions Rain, in which takes on a deeper feel with an added touch of Funk, created using Emotional and soulful Vocals together with varied combo pads. Normal EP service is then resumed with the introduction of an all commanding driving bassline and heavy sub bass that dominate from the drop, combined with a raucous horn like synth.

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