eBay // 166 Bukem, Fabio dnb tunes listed

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    Jun 26, 2004
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    I am selling my entire Drum & Bass collection of records from 1994 - 1999
    on ebay.

    The majority of these records are in near mint condition (both the vinyl and the covers)
    and have been sitting (unplayed) on a shelf since 2000.

    There are 166 records listed currently on ebay. Auctions end next Monday 26 July.

    The majority of these records are on an LTJ Bukem and Fabio angle.
    Labels include Good Looking, Looking Good, 720 degrees, Ascendant Grooves,
    Nexus, Partisan, Moving Shadow, Creative Source, Renegade, Way Out,
    Timeless, Legend, Vibez and Basement.

    Artists include: LTJ Bukem, PFM, Blame, Justice, Icons, Odyssey, Big Bud,
    Seba, Future Engineers, Blu Mar Ten, Universal, Q Project, Funky Technicians,
    Total Science, Intense, Jonny L, Source Direct, Carlito, Subject 13, Solid State,
    Aquasky, Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, Adam F, Omni Trio, The Spirit, Mouly & Lucida
    and FBD Project.




    Ebay ID=aquisse

    Have a l@@k.

    // aquisse