EBAY - 150+ Drum & Bass Vinyl Collection ending today!

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    My Ebay auction for these records will be ending today! In about 4 hours. So jump on and place your bids. I will ship to the UK and possibly other international locations.


    A. 3 Way – Appreciation (FCY060)
    B. 3 Way – Price Of Fame
    A. 5th Assasin – Perimeters (HLLP10S)
    B. 5th Assasin – Interface
    A. Abstract & Calibre – Control (PHU003)
    B. Abstract – Queen Of Angels
    A. ASC – Lifeforce (ND Promo)
    B. ASC – Reverse Polarity
    C. ASC – Chrysalis 170BPM
    A. Alpha Omega – The Maze (Invader Promo)
    B. Alpha Omega – Key Source
    A. Alpha Omega – Bad Vibe (ADVR003)
    B. Alpha Omega – Dub Step
    A. Bad M.F. – Cosmosis (G2010)
    B. Bad M.F. – Love V’s hate
    A. Blame – Music Takes You (John B Takes You) (SHADOW157R)
    B. Blame – Music Takes You (Blim Takes You)
    A. Britney Spears – Toxic (Drum & Bass Remix) (TOXIC001)
    A. Calibre – Do Your Thang Now (GRN008)
    B. Calibre - Inpulse
    A. Calibre – Mystic (CRSE028)
    B. Calibre - Feelin
    A. Cause 4 Concern – Angel Dust (C4C003)
    B. Cause 4 Concern – Nerve
    A. Counterstrike & Impact - Spinal Tap Cell010
    B. Counterstride & Manta Feat. - Psyke
    A. Cybotron Feat. Dillinja – Threshold (PRO004)
    B. Cybotron Feat. Dillinja – Got To
    A. D. Kay – Beat The Machines (CIA019)
    B. D. Kay – Give It 2 You
    A. Danny C – Vivid (VLV006)
    B. Danny C – So Real
    A. David Carbone – Direct (IND001)
    B. Total Science - Format
    A. Decoder – Dysfunctional (BBC015)
    B. Substance – Robbery
    A. Decoder – Hord 39 (TI028)
    B. Decoder – Cobra
    A. Deep Space Organisms – Differential (CAD006)
    B. Concentric Flow – Transition Soul
    A. Deepblue – Momentum (31R016)
    B. Deepblue – Immersion
    A. Delta & Format – Give You All The Love (CRSE0033)
    B. Delta & Format - Ultra
    A. Digital – Trauma (TYME009)
    B. Digital – My Sound
    A. Digital – Sounds Of Freedom (CIA?)
    B. Digital – 3 Point
    A. Distorted Minds – Snuff Baby (FORM12086)
    B. Distorted Minds – Loaded Jump
    A. DJ Rap – Hard Step (Danny C Remix) (PTR025)
    B. DJ Rap – Come Forth (Danny C Remix)
    A. DJ Zinc Vs. The Fugees – Ready Or Not (DJ Zinc 2003 Remix) (White Label)
    B. DJ Zinc Vs. The Fugees – Ready Or Not
    A. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Ganja Man 1-2-3 (RAR004)
    B. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Dis One Ackers
    A. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Junglist (TECH021)
    B. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – The Don
    A. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – In & Out
    B. Street Level - Funk
    A. Dom & Roland – Dynamo (Shadow161)
    B. Dom & Roland – Adrenalin
    A. Ewun – Face Off (Bar09)
    B. Ewun – Interstellar
    A. E-Z Rollers – Crowd Rocker (ICOM030)
    B. 60 Minute Man & DJ Touch - Tonight
    A. Fellowship – It’s A Mystery (DFUNKD004) 2001
    B. Fellowship – Feelin’ Good
    A. Fresh – Signal (RAMM46)
    B. Fresh – Big Love
    A. Fresh – Temple Of Doom (BBK01)
    B. Fresh – Dalicks
    A. Fresh – Submarines (BBK004)
    B. Fresh – Submarines (Pendulum Remix)
    A. Fresh – Dead Man Walking (VLV010)
    B. Fresh – Formula One
    A. Future Prophecies – Rock Steady (OUTBLTD06)
    B. Future Prophecies - Fire
    A. Goldie & R. Playford – This Is A Baad Remix (Source Direct Remix) (RAZORS003)
    B. Source Direct – The Cult Remix (The Initiation Test)
    A. Goldie – Kemistry (Grooverider VIP Remix) (RAZORS004)
    B. J Majik – Your Sound (Remix)
    A. Gridlok & Origin – Wombat (GAIN010)
    B. Kontraband - Sin
    A. Ink & J-dub – Street Glory (SUB001)
    B. Ink & J-dub Feat. Loxy – Quantum Physics
    A. JB aka Dred Bass & DJ Spice – Bed Time Story (B2B Promo)
    B. JB aka Dred Bass & DJ Spice – Kemikals
    A. John B – Up All Night (METH041)
    B. John B – Take Control
    A. Jonny L – Raise (PIH001)
    B. Jonny L – The Bells
    A. Jonny L – Running (PIH002)
    B. Jonny L - Spike
    A. Jonny L – Change (PIH003)
    B. Jonny L - Selecta
    A. Jonny L – Move Upon (PIH004)
    B. Jonny L – Cut-Off
    A. Junior Cartel – Sunset Song (DFUNKD016)
    B. Junior Cartel – Sonic Soul
    A. Junior Jack – E Samba (J Majik Remix) (White Label)
    A. Kaleb - Grunt (INVD033)
    B. Kaleb - Havoc
    A. Kaos, Karl K, & Jae Kennedy – Xanadu (HMAN8004-1)
    B. Kaos, Karl K, & Jae Kennedy - Houston
    A. Kaos, Karl K, & Jae Kennedy – Moonraker (HUMA8009-1)
    B. Kaos, Karl K, & Jae Kennedy – Studio 54
    A. Keaton & Hive – The Plague (RH45)
    B. Keaton & Hive – Resolution
    A. Kyan – Hydroplane (SAG016)
    B. Kyan - Unknown
    A. Lightfoot – The Potion (Electric Snitch Remix)/(Deep French Lick) (DROPT4)
    B. Lightfoot – The Potion (Deep Snitch Remix)/(Crisp Remix)
    A. Loxy & Mindmachine – Fiend (ARX015)
    B. Ink & J-dub – Darkart
    A. Mason Feat. MC Armanni Reign – Ruff, Rugged, & Raw (FREAK003)
    B. Mason Feat. Dstar – Zerosum Breakout
    A. Matrix – Mute ’98 (PRO011)
    B. Matrix - Convoy
    A. Misanthrop – Eis (AP002)
    B. Misanthrop - Liar
    A. Natural Mystic & Future Bound – Solar Level (DJ032)
    B. Natural Mystic - Chrome
    A. Nightwalker – Head Nod (TPR12053)
    B. Nightwalker – Suspense
    A. Optical – Moving 808s (PRO009)
    B. Optical – High Tek Dreams
    A. Optimus Prime – Monkey Wrench (GRID018)
    B. Optimus Prime – Minge Vice
    A. Pariah – Resilience (COV003)
    B. Pariah – Shadow World
    A. Pieter K – Jacarda (PHKT)
    B. Juju - Hex
    A. Ram Trilogy – Beastman (RAMM39)
    B. Ram Trilogy – Electro Melody
    A. Ram Trilogy – Brainwash (RAMM40)
    B. Ram Trilogy – Milky Way
    A. Renegade – Terrorist (Dom & Roland Remix) (ASHADOW25LP1)
    B. AK1200 & Danny Breaks – Deep Porn (VIP Mix)
    A. Resonant Evil – Troubleshoot (RH51)
    B. Resonant Evil – Salamol (Feat. Molotov)
    A. Roni Size – Snapped It (Krust Remix) (FCY034)
    B. Krust – The Last Break
    A. Ryme Tyme & Nasis – Instumental (NUT025)
    B. Ryme Tyme & Nasis - Vocal (8 Bit Crush)
    A. Sixth Sense Feat. Sepia – Pressure Rise (Remix) (ASP012)
    B. Sixth Sense Feat. Sepia – Pressure Dub/Original
    A. Skitty - One Cut (Tech Itch Remix) (WILD003R)
    B. Skitty & DJ Wildchild - 24
    A. Sneaker Pimp – Beny Page (CUZ005)
    B. Troublemaker – Rhythm Beater
    A. Special Forces – Sushi (PPRO4VS)
    B. Special Forces – Freeway 2000
    A. STA – Licensed 2 Kill (Paul B Remix) (G2007)
    B. Paul B & STA – Marathon
    A. Stratus – You Must Follow (HUMA8005-1)
    B. Stratus – You Must Follow (Dieselboy & Kaos Remix)
    A. Styles Of Beyond – Subculture (Dieselboy & Kaos VIP) (HUMA8003-1)
    B. Styles Of Beyond – Subculture (Dylan & Ink Remix)
    A. Subwave – Bad Ambitions (TI033)
    B. Subwave – Digital Symphony
    A. Tali – Blazin’ (Shy FX & T Power Remix) (FCY059Y)
    B. Tali – Gonna Catch Ya
    A. Tali – High Hopes (FCY061)
    B. Tali – High Hopes (Origin Unknown Remix)
    A. Tali – Lyric On My Lip (FCY042)
    B. Tali – District Line
    A. TCX – All We Can Do (Windy Remix) (SR002)
    B. TCX – All We Can Do (Original)
    A. Technical Itch – The Ring (TIP005)
    B. Technical Itch – Think
    A. Technical Itch – Turn Me Out (TIP009)
    B. Technical Itch – Don’t Go
    A. Technical Itch – Pressure Drop (Feat. MC Jakes) (TIP010)
    B. Technical Itch – Shadow Daemon
    A. TeeBee – Endgame (AC021)
    B. TeeBee – Orbiting Mars
    A. The Dragon – The Streets (POISON05)
    B. The Dragon - Extinction
    A. The Instagator – A Dark Place (INVD011)
    B. The Instagator – Live & Direct
    A. The Mysterons – Check Dis (MAC10)
    B. The Mysterons – Vinyl Conflict
    A. Total Science – Extra Curricular (ADVR001)
    B. Total Science – Sophisticated Bitch
    A. Total Science – Mars (White Label)
    B. Total Science – Unknown
    A. Twisted Individual & Tekniq – Nappy Rash (GRID015)
    B. Twisted Individual & Influx Datum – Greasy Fist
    A. Unknown – Tommy Knocker (White Label)
    B. Unknown – Tommy Knocker
    A. Unknown – Unknown (Ragga? White Label)
    B. Unknown – Unknown
    A. Unknown – Unknown (Ragga? FBI White Label)
    B. Unknown – Unknown
    A. Unknown – Unknown (Ragga? White Label)
    B. Unknown – Unknown
    C. Unknown – Unknown
    D. Unknown – Unknown
    A. Virtual – Nil (DB001)
    B. Warp Sequence – The Oracle
    A. Voyager – Carter (CRSE026)
    B. Voyager - Mysteron
    A. Wrisk – Method (G2003)
    B. Wrisk – Lego
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    2000 A.D.B Fuck You (PC47)
    A. UFO! – Divination
    B. UFO! – Mechanizmz
    C. UFO! – Hubcapp
    D. UFO! – Peace Keeper

    Bodyshock LP (ASHADOW17LP) 1999
    A. Aquasky – Agitator
    B. Aquasky – Suspekt Device
    C. Aquasky – Bodyshock
    D. Aquasky – Supernatural
    E. Aquasky – Zero Tolerance
    F. Aquasky – Battlestar
    G. Aquasky – Rebirth
    H. Aquasky – Sonix
    I. Aquasky – Pressure Shot/Manmade Symphony
    J. Aquasky – Blue Thunder/Supernova Feat. Outkatz On The Cut

    Byte Size Life (SHADOW137) 1999
    A. Omni Trio – Byte Size Life
    B. Omni Trio – Twin Town Karaoke (Silent Storm Remix)
    C. Omni Trio – Byte Size Life (Shimon Remix)
    D. Omni Trio – Byte Size Life (Mr. Scruff Remix)

    Cleveland Lounge Drowning
    A. Cleveland Lounge – Drowning (Micro Remix)
    B. Cleveland Lounge – Drowning (Joshua Ryan Scuba Dub Mix)
    C. Cleveland Lounge – Drowning (Dave Aude Drum & Space Mix)
    D. Cleveland Lounge – Drowning (AK1200 Remix)

    Ghetto Style EP (RH35)
    A. Future Cut – Ghetto Style
    B. Future Cut – Dainjah
    C. Future Cut – Stealth (Domination Dillinja Remix)
    D. Future Cut – Broken English Feat. Strategy

    Hardware Chronicles Vol. 2 (RH52)
    A. Dylan & Friction – Infected Spirit
    B. Total Science – Positive Thinking
    C. Raiden & Flow – Pigalle
    B. DJ Kontrol – Murder Style

    Invisible Man EP (RH49)
    A. Keaton – The Invisable Man
    B. Keaton – Betrayel (Snake Bitch)
    C. Keaton – The Plague (Trace Remix)
    D. Keaton – Once Again (Feat. Usual Suspects)

    Invid Remixes (PP127060-1)
    A. Dieselboy – Invid (E-Sassin Remix)
    B. Dieselboy – The Descent (Phunckateck VIP)
    C. Dieselboy – Invid (Twisted Anger Remix)
    D. Dieselboy – Invid (Joshua Ryan’s Southern Cross Remix/Joshua Ryan Remix Radio Edit)

    Molten Beats LP (RAMMLP3) 1999
    A. Ram Trilogy – Evolution
    B. Ram Trilogy – Terminal 2
    C. Ram Trilogy – Both Worlds
    D. Ram Trilogy – Flip The Traps
    E. Ram Trilogy – Human Future
    F. Ram Trilogy – Snake Bite
    G. Ram Trilogy – Gridlock
    H. Ram Trilogy – Time Chamber
    I. Ram Trilogy – System Error (Y2K)
    J. Ram Trilogy – Iron Lung

    Moving Fusion Remix EP
    A. Moving Fusion – Chili Pepper Remix
    B. Moving Fusion – Lazy Bones VIP
    C. Moving Fusion – Reality Remix
    D. Moving Fusion – Roll Da Bass

    Murder EP (RIVET147) 2000
    A. Total Science – Murder Thing
    B. Total Science – Odyssey
    C. Total Science – Tronic
    D. Total Science – Green Tomatoes

    Origin Unknown Presents Sounds In Motion (RAM02L)
    A. Origin Unknown – Sound In Motion
    B. Origin Unknown – The Zone
    C. Origin Unknown – Live Line
    D. Origin Unknown – Emotion =
    E. Origin Unknown – Broken Record
    F. Origin Unknown – Hard Edge
    G. Origin Unknown – Turbulence
    H. Origin Unknown – In Session
    I. Origin Unknown – Termination
    J. Origin Unknown – Deep Minds

    Out Of Town EP (IND004)
    A. Cause 4 Concern – D-Tox
    B. Accidental Heroes – Forgotten Worlds
    C. Citizen – Doubt
    D. Decoder – Fuk-U

    Ram Trilogy Screamer EP (RAMM44)
    A. Ram Trilogy - Screamer
    B. Ram Trilogy – Skittles
    C. Ram Trilogy – The Map
    D. Ram Trilogy – Evolution (M.I.S.T. Remix)

    Reborn In The USA EP (MSXEP021)
    A. Robbie Rivera – Harder & Faster (Weapon Vs. E-Sassin Remix)
    B. Dom & Optical – Quadrant 6 (E-Sassin VIP)
    C. Technical Itch – Reborn (Weapon Remix)
    D. Rob & Goldie – The Shadow (Hive VIP)

    Surface To Air EP (DRLP18) 2000
    A. Atlantiq – Thoughtforms
    B. Dune – Lonestar

    Tech Itch Presents Killabites 2 (ASHADOW27) 2001
    A. Biostacis – Shatter
    B. Decoder – Back @ Mine
    C. Ice Minus & Decoder – Drowning
    D. Ice Minus – Jabba
    E. Technical Itch & Ice Minus – Altered Beast
    F. Technical Itch – Analysis
    G. Technical Itch – Portscan
    H. Technical Itch – The Signal

    Technical Freaks Distruction Ritual (TECHFREAKLP001) 2004
    A. Technical Itch Feat. MC Jakes – Dark Heart
    B. Dylan & Bkey – Slave To Life
    C. Technical Itch Feat. MC Jakes – Soldiers (Dylan & Robyn Chaos Remix)
    D. Bad Company & Loxy – Clown Killa
    E. Cause 4 Concern – Mind Killer
    F. Technical Itch – Hunter Seeker
    G. Loxy & Bkey – Battlescars
    H. Paradox – 96 Paragons
    I. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Primary Objective
    J. Concord Dawn – Scimitar

    The Diagene EP (TI034)
    A. Technical Itch – Elevation
    B. Technical Itch – Theorem
    C. Technical Itch – Critical Switch (Feat. MC Jakes)
    D. Technical Itch – Energy

    The Planets Triple Pack EP (TECH018)
    A. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Original Bad Boy
    B. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Planet Earth
    C. Twisted Individual – Graveyard
    D. Digital – Picky Head
    E. Future Tech – Indian Summer
    F. DJ SS – In Love

    The Reloaded EP (RH57)
    A. Loxy & Dylan – Fraggle Rock (Raiden Remix)
    B. Paradox – Certain Sound (Drumworkz VIP Mix)
    C. Future Cut – Ghetto Style (Evol Intent Remix)
    D. Loxy & DJ Ink – Straight Up Menace (VIP Mix)

    The Shopfloor Album (FHQLP01)
    A. R4R – Bringing Back
    B. Pleasure – Splinter
    C. Tungsten & Morph – Submersible
    D. Distorted Minds – Predator
    E. Twisted Individual – Nose Bleeder
    F. Sonic – Stars
    G. DJ SS – Plastics
    H. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Maze In Your Minds

    The Start Of Something (RAMMLP5) 2002
    A. Moving Fusion – Guy Fawkes
    B. Moving Fusion – 9 Venoms
    C. Moving Fusion – Star Sign
    D. Moving Fusion – Mean Machine
    E. Moving Fusion – Ghost Lane
    F. Moving Fusion – Battle Ground
    G. Moving Fusion - Chilli Pepper
    H. Moving Fusion – Back To The Future
    I. Moving Fusion – Shadows
    J. Moving Fusion – Reality

    The X Project Part 3 (TECH015)
    A. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Dirty Dancing
    B. Futuretech – Kashmir
    C. Twisted Individual – Breakdown (Remix)
    D. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Dragonfly

    Transatlantic EP
    A. Pieter K – Riverine
    B. Pieter K – Dig
    C. Juju – The Summer
    D. Juju – Yemaya