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    Jan 19, 2008
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    hi there guys need help...easygroove set dreamscape 7....has anybody got a track listing of this set......especially the tunes where mc ribbz says "put your hands up in the air and catch the buzz cos easygrooves in the house...can youfeel it"

    and where he soays "sounds of the original hype"....on the tune that sounds as though a plane is just about to take off!!!!!!!

    and the tune where the detonator robbie dee says "and this happens to be one of easygrooves favourite tunes"
    please help if you can!!!! thanks
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    Mar 30, 2006
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    Bukem & Peshay - 19.5 [Good Looking]
    DJ's Anthem - Vol 2 (A) [Formation]
    Mad Dog - Monged Out [Underdog]
    DJ Kev - Happy Trax Vol 2 (B) [Happy Trax]
    Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control [Hectic]
    On Remand - Blacksteel Pt 2 [Crackhouse]
    Wax Doctor - Unfriendly [Basement]
    DJ Massive - Slammin' [Hardcore Vinyl]
    Alec Empire - F*ck You Up! [Force Inc.]
    Space Cube - Session [Force Inc. / Force Inc. UK]
    Age Of Love - The Age Of Love [Radikal]
    Dance Overdose - Chemical Imbalance [Shoop!]
    Ilsa Gold - Silke [Force Inc.]
    Jokers - Meitje (Rave Meitje) [John Doe]
    Bass Generator - The Event [Bass Generator]
    Deaz D ft. DJ Fish - A Track Called Wanda [Rave]
    Bizzy B & Equinox - The Brain Records Crew [Brain]
    S.A.D. Productions Vol 1 (White Label)

    Hope this helps