Easy old skool ID

V Matt said:
Doesn't ring any bells, what label is it?
I used to have that tune.....stupidly sold it though.

Label is SMD (SlipMatt Dubs......apparently). All written and produced by Slipmatt. Did any of those tunes ever have names?? Wicked series of tunes anyhow.
Ive no idea if any of them have names mate. Picked up 2 & 3 at the weekend, and was just after an ID.

I also wanna know what #2 is!!! (if they are actually called anything)
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None of the SMDs have any track titles. I just refur to them by SMD number and side.

Orange side (Congress 40 miles remix)
White side (Bizarre Inc Playing w/ Knives remix)
(Carl Cox used to play both sides in the same set!!!)

Green side
Black side (<----- best SMD tune ever IMOP, uses the bassline from "The Phantom" and has the grooviest amen loop that I've ever heard in a HHC tune. Its funny that I didn't like it at first because the rave cords all play at the same time which sounds a bit nasty).

blue side
black side
(one of these sides used Force Mass Motion sounds)

purple side
black side
(one of these sides was a remix of SMD1 and the other side is a remix of Slipmatts remix of Psychotropic "Hypnosis")

The best thing about the SMDs is that they're always being repressed.... with the ORIGINAL label artwork.
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