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Mar 20, 2008

Haven´t heard that set but probably this one?

Easygroove - Dreamscape 27 (Old Skool Set) - 1997
The tracklisting for the often mislabeled set (IT'S ***NOT*** FROM DREAMSCAPE 1!!!!)

00:00 Dance Conspiracy Dub War ("Let me tell you about the ragamuffin business 'an 'ting")
05:36 Agent-X Get Yourself Together ("We're on the move, check it out")
09:00 Bassheads Who Can Make Me Feel Good? ("No man in the world, got to be free .... higher [shouted]")
13:10 Sil Solid Circle ("Oh, yah, Ooh, Yeah", "no, no, no, no")
16:13 Rhythm Eclipse 'Feel It' In The Air ("Justify me, emotion, devotion, obsession", "feel it in the air")
18:25 Step & Rhythm Time Like This ("not your equal, whey oh whey oh, ....")
21:15 The Stone Age Paleolitic ("I can't stand it, excellent")
24:35 Katherine E I'm Alright ("see I am feeling good, some keep on pretending boy, giving up the fight, I'm alright")
29:20 New Atlantic I Know ("I know, I know, I can count on you")
33:02 Sonic Solution Get On The Move ("Get on the move")
36:10 Hyperactive Love Is The Message ("Love is the message, we don't want no war")
37:45 On A High Hotter ([piano] - "I'm hot for you")
39:29 E=MC² Everybody (I've Got The Crystal Ball) ("Alllright ... everybody", chipmunk "I got a musical voice")
41:41 Armageddon News at Ten (Wakad Mix) ([News at 10], "Come on in")
44:40 Ellis Dee Dance Factor ("Break")
46:44 Yolk Bish Bosh (Siren bee like & scratching into fam keyboard riff, "get ready")

http://www.discogs.com/lists/Easygroove-Dreamscape-27-Old-Skool-Set-1997/233 ;)
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