EASTERN PRESSURE RECORDS looking for Dubstep to sign!

Discussion in 'UK Underground' started by Richie, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Nov 17, 2008
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    Just wanted to get at all the Dubstep producers out there,
    I don’t know if anyone has seen the website for this new label called Eastern Pressure?
    They seem to have a distribution deal and are looking for Dubstep tracks for compilations
    and are also looking for artists to sign. They have been apparently been going for a long
    time but re-surfaced this summer. Go on to their website www.easternpressurerecords.com if you get chance.
    Juttla’s single ‘Dub Dragon’ from his ‘At War With Satan’ album is massive – I love it,
    I heard Mary Anne Hobbs and Bobby Friction both playing it on BBC Radio One.

    Also can anyone recommend any other Dubstep albums out at the moment to go and buy?
    I want CD albums not vinyl if possible. Let me know!!!