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going traveling in June, gonna be in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania…..anyone got any must see's or dos for these places? Apart from staying alive


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as is rohypnol, amphetamine and vodka. south of the coast there are people that do not look correct. they are mongrels, a most unsavory mix between the original inhabitants and an invading mongoloid race that came down from the mountains. they are guilty of great heresy.

Sweaty Teddy

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My parents are both from Macedonia and I got loads of family over there so visit quite often, sadly I have shit memory and can't remember the names of most of the places I've been to as it was years ago, however if you're there make sure you check out the town Ohrid and go see the lake and some of the other sites there. Croatia is lush went sailing there ages ago for two weeks with the family and some family friends just went island hopping around Dubrovnik area, can't remember much else though. I popped into Slovenia briefly once (drove to macedonia with the family and had a few detours on the way back) to visit the Postojna caves which are amazing, also stopped by Plitvice lakes in Croatia on the way back, also a must see . Thats the only stuff I can really think of off the top of my head mate, bearing in mind I was about 13 when I did all this, I will speak to my parents if I can remember and try to find out a few more of the places I went. Also Macedonia, despite looking quite rough in some parts (like rest of eastern europe I suppose) does actually have some proper nice places to go so will try find more of them for ya aswell.
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