Eastcolors - Things Inside / Heavy Tone (Demand Records)


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Hey Guys!

Our tenth releases is out in a few days and already up for pre-order on the usual sites:

Vladivostok lad Eastcolors is probably most well-known within the DnB community for his mixes and for his collaborations with Enei and Nuage. As far as modern drum and bass is concerned Eastcolors is at the forefront of that techy, fresh sound emanating from Eastern Europe and Russia. With this in mind then, it's clear that while his tunes fuse well with his fellow Russian drum and bass cohorts, Eastcolors is making a departure from collabs.

What better way to celebrate Demand's tenth release then, with Eastcolors settings about placing his name upfront and alone with his first ever solo 12".

Bursting into techy synths right from the off, "Things Inside" is one of those rare steppers that's just as effective on headphones as it is through a proper system in the early hours of a Sunday morning. Already a dancefloor staple and a favourite with the likes of Friction, Ant-TC1, Chris SU, Mutated Forms, Villem and Foreign Concept (to name but a few), you really should to grab this while it's hot.

On the flip "Heavy Tone" rumbles forth with a typically Eastcolors take on what a roller should be. Lenzman-esque synths and strange, celestial vocals are quickly worked over by an electrical storm of droning bass and pads. As the synths return to break up the clouds here and there, "Heavy Tone" loses the idea of becoming another lost bass-heavy roller and settles into being a multi-layered piece of quality drum and bass.
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