i got some custom 1's a while back from audio relief, paid £160 for them so their probably out of the question ha ha erm htfr do some custom one's for about £85-90.
Elacin ER15's are the best. Most of the pro DJ's in the scene use these such as Andy C, Friction, Subfocus etc...
These ones have a 15db cut... Although I have some ER9's filters too which interchange in the custom moulded plug itself. They have a 9db cut which are better if you are playing out on a system that has quieter midrange frequencies so that the snare's cut through filters in your ears. It's always good to try to get the sound engineer to EQ the monitors and boost the midrange frequencies a bit. With the ER15's you can sometimes find yourself boosting the mid and tops slightly on the mixer to actually hear the snare's clearly while I'm the mix - although this isn't ideal as it translates onto the dancefloor.
thanks for your replies. i ended up not using the plugs, as the room i dj'd in was rather small (the place is split into a larger main room, and a second small one). either way, i'll probably just use the one's i bought for raving/recreational use, and try to save up for custom/pro ones.
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