EARLY XMAS PRESENT! DJ Telekom presents... The Xmas Mega Mix!


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Feb 21, 2008
ez crew!

finally found the time to get this up a couple days before christmas. an early present for everyone, a slightly longer than usual 1 hour & 50 minute live recorded mash up.

feel free to print the artwork off, and comments welcome. got a few more promos this week so hopefully gunna do a lil promo cd to dish out for before the new year

CHECK www.myspace.com/telekomdnb for album artwork

LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/file/h8gy5v

Break – Hooked Up (Symmetry) >> Chase & Status – Informer (Ram)
Pleasure – Flesh Eaters (Radius promo)
D*Minds – Ghost Town (DSR)
Taxman & Heist – Equinox (Ganja)
Sensa – We Got A Problem (Source promo)
Sly – Candy Man (Low Down Deep promo)
Pleasure – The Dagger (Radius promo)
Fierce, Break & Nico – Empire (Quarentine) >> Hazard – Killers Don’t Die (Playaz)
Cabbie – Technical Problems (Big in the Dance)
Dub Alley – War Torn City Pleasure remix (Second City promo)
Majistrate – Imagining Thin (Low Down Deep)
Killa Hurt – Ohm (Propaganda)
Shy FX – Bambaata Break remix (Digital Soundboy)
Fierce, Break & Nico – Draw (Quarentine)
Chase & Status – Smash TV (Ram)
Iron Hands – Mothra (Muzik Hertz promo)
Original Sin – Decibel (Playaz)
Sensa & Spekky – Comedown (Motion Sensa)
D*Minds & Dirty Harry – Ho Bass (DSR)
Iron Hands – Cripple Fight (Muzik Hertz promo)
Dubalty – Nokia Step (Unreleased)
Taxman & Heist – Frequency Scale (Ganja)
Complex - One Chance (Motion Sensa)
PA – The Black Fungus (Crooked Beatz promo)
Noisia – Diplodocus (Quarentine)
Zen – Hovercraft (Grid)
Die – Flash Point (Clear Skyz)
Dub Alley – War Torn City Evol remix (Second City promo)
PA – Ill (Muzik Hertz)
Sly – Monkey Fist (Low Down Deep promo)
The Upbeats – Masked Warrior (Ganja-Tek)
Killa Hurt – One Finger Technique (Frontline)
Modified Motion – That Isn’t Enuff (Dynmic Audio)
Serum – Ammo Dump (Dread)
Die & Interface – Getting There (Clear Skyz)
Nicol & Majistrate – Mr Nice Guy (Street Art promo)
Strider – Cherished (Unreleased)
Chase & Status – Take Me Away (Ram)
Regula – Junked Up (M-Atome)
PA – Way of the Samurai (Crooked Beatz promo)
Bassface Sascha – International Sound (Stereotype)
Tantrum Desire – Extinction (Street Art)
Serum – Selecta (Jump)
Charlie Jones ft. Killa Hurt – Love Games (Propaganda)
Ebony Dusters – Ra Original Sin remix (Ebony)
Terry Tibbs – Very Special (Fonejacker) >> Hazard – Cowards Beware (Playaz)

Merry Xmas
DJ Telekom
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