early 90's D&B vinyl for sale over the next few weeks


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Mar 18, 2009
right then
i am (very reluctantly - imagine a grown man crying) selling all my old drum and bass from the early 1990's etc. I will be posting more of it over the coming weeks (on ebay) so keep an eye on it if you are after any vinyl collectors items. i have not managed to put that much up yet but there are such gems as:
DJ SS "The Rollers Convention EP Part 3" 12" Single
DJ SS "Breakbeat Pressure EP Part 2" 12" Single 1992
MEGA DRIVE "Taking Control EP" 12" Single 1992 DJ SS
THE PRODIGY "Everybody In The Place" 12" Single 1992
FOUL-PLAY VOL. 2 "Survival / Ricochet" 1992 JUNGLE
RUM & BLACK "Without Ice LP Sampler" 12" Single 1991
SL2 "Way In My Brain (Remix)" 12" Single 1992 JUNGLE
THE RAGGA TWINS "The Truth" 12" EP Single 1992 JUNGLIST
2 BAD MICE "Hold It Down / Bomb Scare" 12" Single 1991
URBAN SHAKEDOWN "Do It Now" 12" Single 1992 ORIGINAL
URBAN SHAKEDOWN "Some Justice" 12" 1992 MICKY FINN
VARIOUS "Drum & Bass Selection 2" Double Vinyl LP 1994
VARIOUS "Drum & Bass Selection 3" Double Vinyl LP 1994
DEMON BOYS "Dett" 12" Single 1992 MINT & ORIGINAL
DEMON BOYS "Junglist / Glimity Glamity" 12" PROMO 1992

anyway i will try and get some more tunes up as soon as possible...and start posting the super rare stuff soon!!
i havent managed to upload many tracks either yet (there's a few, so go and have a listen) but i hope to get lots more tracks up here too over the next week or so:

vinyl is on ebay here (give it a good home - it deserves it). auctions usually end on sat or sun:
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