E.Z.D - Spring sessions 2011

Hi all, i havent really spent much time on this forum but i can tell its a good place to try and get feedback and 3rd party critisism.

I like call myself EZD becuase im a proper laid back lad and i think it goes good with my second name being draper. I have been dj'ing for a little under 5 years on and off due to personal commitments but i've managed to put something together and i think its got a really good vibe to it but obviously i want a 2nd opinion.

Have a listen guys, i hope you dig it and i look forward to hearing your opinions.


Its roughly about 20mins long and has some intense tunes inside.

I'm currently using VDJ with a Hercules RMX with duct tape covering the cue window on my monitor as i find it discracting and removes the professionalism from the mix.

Sub focus - rock it
Sub focus - timewarp
Chase & status - loader
Dj hazard - talk like a girl
Unknown error - Easy rider
Pendulum - Spiral
Chase & Status - Hood rat
Pendulum - Toxic shock
Sub focus - World of hurt