E.S.R & Skulda- Line Rider (Jump Up)


gomby plz
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hello mate... first things first i'll start off with the good news! i like the musical content, the ideas are good, the groove and patterns are nice and creative but it just smacks of early production.

First things first, it's quite muddy (how most of my tunes used to sound) which is often attributed to to much frequencies filling around 400-900hz... this takes away impact from the instruments and bass.

secondly, you need better kick samples/prgramming as that sounds to much like a trance kick... needs to be lower and more of a 'tump' sound.

thirdly, not enough high mids & high end... could do with some subtle breaks in there to get things moving and more hi hats, cymbals, cow bells... whatever, to give it that 'big' sound i think you are after!

sorry to be so critical, but i hope thats all usefull advice! don't forget the essence of the tune is good, its the polish it is lacking (ps. i struggled to get that right for years, and i'm still learning tricks!)

Dj Dirty Pimp

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good effort mate, the bass sounds pretty cool, a bit muddy as mentioned above. but its quite a nice bunch of noises u got going on.

the drums are a bit empty, look at filling them up with breaks and percusiion or more hi hats and shakers etc.

good track for your 3rd try mate!