E.S.R Jump Up Mix B2B With Fred


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Dec 29, 2007
Hurstpierpoint- Near Brighton

Heres a mix i recorded with a mate yesterday.. We were doing 3 vinyl B2B so it was pretty hectic lol..



Bold=E.S.R Normal=Fred

DJ Complex- Decisions
Ego Trippin- Marz Needs Women
Dirty Commodity- Pimp That Bitch
Escape- Fear Of The Future

Soulpride- The Mule
Modified Motion and Faction- Bloody Knuckles
Dillinja- Grimey (Clipz RMX)
DJ Kre- Go Against Me
Soulpride- Crank
Terry Tibbs- Children Of God

High Contrast- Everythings Different
Original Sin- Feels Good
Double Zero- Slut
Malfoy- Catch
Jaydan- Gunman
Malfoy- Bearhunter (Jaydan Remix)

DJ Panik- Sunsplash
Ego Trippin- Chapter 3
DJ Pleasure- The Wizard
Chowder (Pleasure)- Rumble
DJ Pleasure- Wishmaster
DJ Pleasure- Bounty Hunter

DJ Pleasure- Colt 45
DJ Pleasure- The Cube
DJ Pleasure- Splinter In Your Mind
DJ Pleasure- In The Dark
DJ Pleasure- Flute tune
Chowder (Pleasure)- Dead Man Walking

Tantrum Desire- Pace Stepper
Visionary- Version Creation
DJ Panik- fashion Victim
Jaydan- Felony
Dirty Commodity- The Race
P.A- The Way Of The Samurai

Hope you like DJ Pleasure lol.. Decided to mix all his tunes that i have together as they always create a sick mix!!

Big ups to Fred on this one..
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