E.S.R Jump Up Double Drop Madness! 17-10-2008


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Dec 29, 2007
Hurstpierpoint- Near Brighton
First recorded mix for me.. Have no amp atm and set up my pc for recording so as you can imagine been desperate for a mix and ended up having lil headphone mix up lol.. Check out Offline/In the dark.. Such a blender of a mix!


Taxman- Scan Darker
Clipz- Offline
DJ Pleasure- In The Dark
Ego Trippin- Marz Needs Women
The Force- Gadget Girl
Ego Trippin- Chapter 3
Dual Process- Street Violence
The Force- Welcome To Earth
Majistrate- Yeti Muncher (G Dub Remix)
DJ Pleasure- Wishmaster
Mutated Forms- Las Vegas
DJ Pleasure- Technique
DJ Picto- Raving Rudeboy
Modified Motion & Faction- Bloody Knuckles
Dirty Commodity- You Dig
Modified Motion & Faction- 1 up
Dirty Commodity- Pimp That Bitch
Jaydan- Crank
Terry Tibbs- Children Of God
Soulpride- Crank
Jaydan- Felony
DJ Pleasure- The Cube
DJ pleasure- Bounty Hunter
Soundz Destructive- Police Tape
DJ Escape- Fear of the Future
Double Zero- Slut

About 95% double drops!!!


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