E.S.R All Killer, No Filler Jump Up Mix From AfterDarkRadio


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Ez all!

Heres the link to todays 'All Killer, No Filler' radio recording from AfterDarkRadio today.

Length: 1h 59m
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 273mb

Downlink Link: http://dnbshare.com/download/E.S.RAllKillerNoFillerMixOnADR12_12_09.mp3.html


Original Sin- Pimp Don't Limp
>>> Ebony Dubsters- Ra (G Dub Rmx)
Kulprit- The Drums The Bass
Shimon + Moving Fusion- Mysterons (Baron Rmx)
Clipz- Give It To Me
Original Sin- Step On
Hazard- Wicked So
Noisia- Stigma
>>>Decibel- No Good
Pleasure- Technique
Evol- Better World
DP + Promenade- Old Days
Original Sin- Without You
>>> Hazard- Taktix
Chase and Status- Smash TV
Taxman- Terminator X
Complex- One Chance
Fresh- Heavyweight
Original Sin- Cheater Cheater
Majistrate- Destruction
Taxman- Bass Hertz
Butcher + Hoax- Silent Strike
Origin- Sequence
Optimist- Good Times
Jaydan- Pull Up VIP
Complex- Bring The Fiyah
D Kill- Da System
D Kill- Rhubarb
D Kill- Da Place
Erb n Dub- Gangsta Salute
Zodiac- Here We Are
David Angello- Show Me Love (Blame Remix)
>>>Sub Focus- Airplane
Nero Ft Alana- Cant Take It
Chase and Status- Music Club
Nicol and Majistrate- Mr Nice Guy
Kre- The Hustle
Original Sin- R Bass
Mutated Forms- Coppers
P.A- Hitback
Dub Alley- A Grade
Klip + Spekky- Streetfight
Picto- Automator
Vital Elements- Gutter Soundbwoy
The Force- Unmistakable
Nero- Act Like You Know
Sub Focus- Rock It
Ozma- Shut Up
Complex- Perfect Crime
Rowney- Go For Bust
Sensai- Afterdark
Taxman- Sleeze
Alter Ego- Predator
Original Sin- Accidental Hero
Original Sin- Therapy
Nero- Energy VIP
Complex Semi Pro

Bigups to all that were locked.




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Lack of funds is never a excuse when its free ;) but fair play mate lol southampton is a mission just for radio isnt it?!
oh yeah its free, sweet haha. Yeah it would be but its like a get together for loads of the dj's on krisisdnb to just have a massive rinseout!!

Will be broadcast live 3-9 aswell ;)