E.S.R ADR Recording- 120mins/59tunes of Jump Up! - 7.11.09


VIP Junglist
Heres the link for this weeks radio recording on www.afterdarkradio.info .. 2 hours of pure savage, skankin' jump up for you all! Hope you enjoy this one!! Was an absolute feed up mixing it!!

Length- 1h 57m
Bitrate- 192kbps Mp3
Download Link: http://dnbshare.com/download/E.S.RJumpUpShowonAfterDarkRadio7.11.09.mp3.html

DJ SC- Power Thirst
Kulprit- The Drums The Bass
Brockout- Filthy Midgets
Chowder- Dead Man Walking
Mutated Forms- Coppers
Iron Hands- Call In Sick
Jack The Ripper- Bouncin Bush
Jaydan- Suicide
Original Sin- Therapy
Hazard- Taktix
GUV- Don't Give A Shit
Dub Inc- Check This Out
Zodiac- Dimention Of Sound
Complex- Perfect Crime
Dub Inc- Mail (DJ Refix Rmx)
Butcher & Hoax- Silent Strike
Clipz- Give It To Me
Con Man- Chart Buster
Kulprit & Alpha- Slopper
DJ SC- Warcraft VIP
Pleasure- Wish Master
Jack The Ripper- What The
Ego Trippin- Marz Needs Women
DUbbage & Jack The Ripper- Rockin & Groovin
Complex- One Chance
Levela- Optimus Prime VIP
Freez- Current Events
Gangsta Fun- Desperados
Sensai- Afterlife
Taxman- Sleeze
GP WU- Bombthreat!
DJ SC- The Cleaner
Alter Ego- About Time
Mutated Forms- Jah Colours
Nicol & Majistrate- Ready When You Are
Prestige- Opressor
Complex- Bring The Fiyah
Nero- Act Like You Know
Sub Focus- Rock It
Decibel- No Good
Vital Elements- Gutter Soundbwoy
The Force- Another World
Original Sin- Cheater Cheater
Cabbie- Stileto
Complex- Optical Illusions
Shakey- Daft Raver
Greenlaw- After I'm Gone (Tantrum Desire Rmx)
High Roller- Grave Digger
Eddie K- Planet Terror
Prestige- Bee Girls
Tantrum Desire- Extinction
Prestige & Nik Itch- We Existed
Nicol & Majistrate- Crazy
Prestige & Nik Itch- Shut Ur Pie Hole
Erb n Dub- Gangster Salute
Soundz Destructive- Police Tape
Ebony Dubsters- Ra (G Dub Rmx)
Sly- Very Dark
Tantrum Desire- Crazy Talk