E.S.R 29.12.08 Jump Up Nastiness!


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Dec 29, 2007
Hurstpierpoint- Near Brighton
Heres a new mix for you all after purchasing brand new tunes :D

Sorry for the savageness in the middle of Bounty Hunter.. Had to pause mix to go and smoke a reefa lol

100% VINYL!

Hope you like people..



Spekky + Hightower- Good Feeling
Dirty Commodity- The Race
Spekky + Hightower- Airstrike
Double Zero- Skank Nasty
Tyke- Inner City Hore
Original Sin- Feels Good
Spekky- The Kangeroo
Double Zero- Slut
High Grade- Superdark
Jaydan- Crank
JJ- Sin Wave
Dirty Commodity- Pimp That Bitch
High Roller- Untouched
Dirty Commodity- You Dig
High Roller- Oblivion
Dub Alley- A Grade
Drum Addict- Benny Hill
Ego Trippin- Chapter 3
Dub Alley- Wonder Bra RMX (Had a little fun with the 2x Copy effect lol)
Ego Trippin- Marz Needs Women
Ego Trippin- Deathwish
The Force- Welcome To Earth
Chowder- Body Bags
Chowder- Rumble
Sensa- 44 Mag
DJ Pleasure- Bounty Hunter
DJ Complex- One Chance
KG- Remain Where You Are VIP
Sensa + Spekky- Comedown
Klip + Spekky- Streetfight
Tantrum Desire- Extinction
DJ Pleasure- In The Dark
Chase and Status- Smash TV
KG- Lost and Angry
Charlie Jones ft. Killa Hurt- Love Games
Modified Motion + Faction- Bloody Knuckles
Chase and Status- Music Club
DJ Hazard- Killers Dont Die
Chase and Status- Streetlife
Mutated Forms- Las Vegas
Majistrate- Destruction
Majistrate- Yeti Muncher (G Dub Remix)
Majistrate- Imagining Things

Comment and of course, Enjoy ;)

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