Dylan - 'Trapped In Beats vol.2' (Outbreak)


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Trapped in Beats vol.2" - Dylan (Outbreak)

Dylan, as usual, gets dirty on us here, with a tasty little double pack, featuring a tune co-produced by his mate B-Key.
Opening the ep, is the 'Inferno' rmx. Dylan fans will remember the original as the highlight of last years Inferno ep, and here he breathes life back into it! Kicking off with heavy, industrial drums, absolutely swamped with rewind samples, this is prime Dylan material! A dark atmosphere is created throughout the intro and when the main riff drops, it makes Event Horizon seem about as dark as an episode of Neighbours! Dont know why but this riff always makes me think about people tripping out on a dancefloor after too many gurners, this would tip em over the edge! Check the second drop for more amen nastiness!
Offered up next is 'Counter Attack'. A strong Digital influence graces this track as sub-y bass and jumpy beats skip along nicely next to each other. Certainly not the strongest track on the ep, but I found it good for teasing, anyway.
Next up, you get 'Ghetto Dub' and my favourite tune on the ep! A nice intro covered with melodies and that deep bass again, build up until your hit with the drop. Although it stays pretty much the same after the drop, I feel the beats (think the same as in Horns 2k1) add a punchy effect to the tune, making it sound a lot beefier! Ive been opening with this tune a lot recently, as I just cant get enough of the way the intro builds up. Wikked stuff!
Next up, Dylans collaboration with label-mate, B-Key, sees the pair get down to bizness with 'Runnin' - and it certainly is! Sultry, female vox and light breaks start us off, and before you know it they've dropped that nasty old skool stab that features in so many Total Science, Digital, etc tunes. The vocal of 'you got me runnin' glides aimlessly along with the tune, as do the numerous other vocal samples scattered (even a Dillinja-esque 'Take that Muthafucka!'), but these dont detract from the main tune in anyway, just enhance it IMO.
Anyway, I feel this ep has a lot more substance than its predecessor, and if your a fan of the Dylan/Outbreak sound, then you'll definately enjoy this.
WOW! I can't imagine in my mind how anyone can not love that "Ghetto Dub" tune. Its nineteen-ninty-two-a-licious! It reminds me of the Nightbreed EP on Giant Records (which has the same cords).
i have to check this mix cd out. after hearing dylan's remix of 'fake' on ak's 'at close range' CD, i'm shure this is a mix to be reckon'd with.

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