Dylan live on Groovetech (4-6PM BST)


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Nov 29, 2001
Originally posted by Robyn
Aiiight Dawgs.....Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend (us Brits are still reeling from our sunday sunshine- the shirts-off massive nursing serious sunburns I'm sure...:bgrin:) - that was like a tongue twister..lol

Just wanted to let everyone know that your favourite tittie tweaking Freak, Dylan, will be hosting his monthly-ish 'FreakShow' on Groovetech today from 4-6pm ...so tune in and slack off for the last two hours of the work day..or scare the bejesus out of your neighbors by playing very loud first thing in the morn (for you oversea's dawgs)....

hit us up on aim with any titbits, news, goss from round the dnb world, whut-eva...

Be there....x

aim: GTLondonstudio


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