DYL - 04.05.2013

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Welcome to the forum DYL! Always nice to see another top producer on the forum.

Loved the 2nd & 3rd tunes in your mix. Those 2 very minimal & effective rollers, like Dan Habarnam's The Boogaloo & Felix K's Flower Of Destruction 6. The subtle techno bass pads in the 4th tune were wicked & worked well with the steppy beat in that tune. The 5th tunes sounds familiar :) Sounds like something Skeptical / Dub Phizix / Detail or similar. The tune coming in / playing at 12:50 is pure quality. Wicked precussion & beat in that. Plus the thumping tune coming in at aroun 17 mins is rather special. The tune at 20:28 with the Skeptical - Frozen vibe on the second drop is again a treat on the ears :) Enjoyed hearing Ayanuska or whatever that Indigo tune is called again. The atmospheric feel of the tune around 34 mins was bliss and again with the tune around 41:50. The latter something Sicx would enjoy on the forum ;) and made for a choice end tune.

A quality mix all together man! Very beat orientated (which I love) with a mixture of minimal bits, some slightly more rolling that others.
Some moody, growling, glitchy and autonomic style bits in there too, which is always nice + a wicked journey.

Could do with a tracklist if you could sort one out, but would imagine that a fair handful of them are exclusives


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Cheers mate

Tracklist :

Bayou - Careless
Paragon - Abattoir
Dyl - ???? (Turbine DUB)
Homemade Weapons - Eyesore (Melee DUB)
Beepo & IM3 - Dust Proof
Lithics - Static Logic (dub)
Fearful & Dyl - Drag Your Feet
Dyl - ???? (Turbine DUB)
Bayou - Warlock ( CX )
Paragon - Precipice [Buried Audio Dub]
Curious - Lost World
Dyl - ????
Dyl - ???? (Turbine DUB)
Dyl - Slice Of Life
Dyl - Mars (DUB)
Indigo - Ayahuaska
Alien Pimp & Dyl - Noctilucent
Synth Sense - Symbol #9.1
Dyl - ????
Loxy & Marginal - Deeper
Curious - Oppression
Asanyeh - Blood & Fire
Haz33 - Keywords (DYL's Silent Reprise)
Dyl - ????
Synth Sense - Symbol #9.2
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