dwPtrLodus - Brick Breaker [dnb / break]

Pretty cool. Perhaps just lacking a little musically for me. (Melody wise) Felt like it was needing a vocal or a solo of some sort to finish it off.
Nice ideas tho.
I'd say musically its pretty good but everything sounds very midi and fake - if you were using proper instruments this could be very nice - its spreads the frequencies nicely but lacks that humanisation.
i like the ideas just the drums i feel are letting the tune down, an a deeper sub bass would bring the tune together, still some great ideas there the guitar is probably wats doin it most for me in this tune, good work!
Thanks for all coments,
i was thinking about some kind of vocal or solo, but its too late for me to add there anything, ill rather let it as it is - next track.

well yes, i know about the "midi sound", ill try to use some soundfonts instead of that crappy slayer + add some humanisation on beat / everything.

about the bass, ill try to make it a bit deeper, but dunno what about the beat, any tips? :)

Thanks again
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